Podcast pick: The Re:Pro Health Podcast

Podcast pick: The Re:Pro Health Podcast

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If you've ever had a question about your sexual or reproductive health that you were too embarrassed to ask your doctor about, The Re:Pro Health Podcast is here to help.

The podcast is hosted by a team of University of Alberta medical students who are passionate about increasing awareness about sexual and reproductive health in the community. It has been running since 2018, with different students joining the project over the years.

It launched its third season in January with an episode on adolescent reproductive health featuring Dr. Julia Chronopoulos, coordinator of the Rainbow Health Centre at MacEwan University. She came back for Episode 48 on providing transgender care. The show generally speaks with health professionals, but this season has also seen interviews with activist Marni Panas and MLA Janis Irwin.

As the podcasters make clear from the start, the show isn't intended to replace medical advice, but it might give you the words to start a conversation with your health-care provider. It's also an example of podcasts serving as a means of knowledge transfer to the general public as well as to students, as is the case for Surgery 101, another medical podcast that started at UAlberta back in 2008.

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