Bloom: Applying AI to craft beer

Bloom: Applying AI to craft beer

In Episode 15 of Bloom, co-hosts Emily Rendell-Watson and Faaiza Ramji interview Kirk Zembal, co-founder of Blindman Brewing, and David Chan, product lead for industry at the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii). They discuss the craft brewery's use of artificial intelligence to make beer label art and improve its CO2 capture technology, and they explore how other businesses can determine whether AI adoption could give them an edge.

"Even if you're not a tech company, we can work with you to go through a very similar process to what Blindman went through," Chan explained. "You can tell us about what processes you are undertaking, what challenges you are seeing, and we can work together to figure out if AI and ML might be a tool that can help you solve some of those problems."

Ramji and Rendell-Watson also talk about the local top 20 selected to pitch at Startup TNT, including Correct-AI, Fairly Staffing, and JustCook. Plus, the YEG Startup Community Awards are coming up on May 19, with Taproot's Rendell-Watson and Arden Tse of Yaletown Partners co-hosting. And EZ Ops, whose technology helps equip operators to focus on top priorities for production and compliance, announced it has acquired two companies: PAYLOAD Technologies and Drift Technological Solutions.

In our sponsor spot, you'll hear from Dawn Newton, the head of Accelerate Edmonton. She and Taproot's Mack Male continue their conversation on Alberta Catalyzer, the new provincial pre-accelerator program for Alberta founders.

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