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A panel of five people sit on stools behind a small audience in front of a blue screen with text reading "How I Got Started in Community."
business technology

Flightpath Ventures relaunches as members-only network

An organization that started in 2012 as a venture capital fund is rebranding as a community for growth-focused innovators.

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Mayor Amarjeet Sohi addresses a seated audience inside City Hall.
city council business

Edge Fund submissions to be judged on contributions to Edmonton

Submissions to the new Edmonton Edge Fund will be evaluated based on the degree to which they make Edmonton a better place to live.

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Two men, one in a blue suit and the other in a black sweater, smile and shake hands in front of a banner that reads "Alberta Ecotrust"
climate business

Partnership delivers energy retrofits to multi-unit buildings

Two west Edmonton residential buildings with a total of 165 units are receiving energy retrofits as part of a new partnership between the Alberta Ecotrust Foundation and Toronto's Efficiency Capital.

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Two people talk beside a sign reading Upper Bound in Amii's office while others work in the background
technology podcast

Podcast pays a visit to AI conference

The team Taproot sent to cover Upper Bound reflects on what they learned about AI and what the future holds on Episode 47 of Bloom.

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Two people sit in the street-level area of Edmonton Unlimited's new building, one holding a phone. There are large windows, green plants, and furnishings with pops of blue, yellow, and purple.
business technology

Edmonton Unlimited opens innovation headquarters

Edmonton Unlimited has opened its new headquarters downtown with a desire to welcome innovators and restore some vibrancy to the corner of Jasper Avenue and 101 Street. Catherine Warren stopped by Speaking Municipally to talk about it.

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Kello Inclusive model Emmy walks with a mobility aid backstage at Toronto Kids Fashion Week. Behind are her other child models dressed in black.
business arts

Kello Inclusive seeks to amplify social impact at Inventures

An Edmonton-based talent agency for people with disabilities is hoping to raise its growing profile even further by participating in an international pitch competition later this spring.

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Three members of the Community Outreach Transit Team wearing masks and uniforms in an LRT station
city council transit

On the agenda: Transit safety, community revitalization levies, and the Edmonton Research Park

This week, community and public services committee will meet on March 20, urban planning committee meets on March 21, and executive committee will meet on March 22. Recruitment for various boards and committees continues with a non-regular meeting of community and public services committee on March 24.

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Screen grab of the EDGI map showing a menu, bubbles indicating listings, and a map of Edmonton
technology business

EDGI maps Edmonton's innovation ecosystem

Edmonton Unlimited has created a visual database of the Edmonton region's innovation ecosystem to help expand the understanding of what innovation is and inform future decisions.

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Three men stand in front of a pop-up banner for DiscoveryLab
business technology

DiscoveryLab offers 'friendly roundtable' to innovators

At his day job in biochemistry, Michael Overduin pursues data to better understand proteins and accelerate drug discovery. But at DiscoveryLab, he's in search of something a little less scientific: stories.

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