Bloom: Fuelling with endurance chocolate

Bloom: Fuelling with endurance chocolate

In Episode 16 of Bloom, Emily Rendell-Watson interviews Kristyn Carriere, co-founder of 7 Summits Snacks. The Edmonton-based company has developed chocolate bars that can replace energy gels and bars for endurance athletes.

"Chocolate, honey, coconut butter, sugar — your body knows what to do with these ingredients, which makes it a little easier to digest and doesn't stress out your system while you're trying to do activity," said Carriere, who is a marathon runner. "Comparatively, a carbohydrate gel with fractionated sugars or carbohydrates that are new, novel, very scientific, very effective at what they do — they can be overwhelming to your system."

7 Summits Snacks is a semifinalist in the 2022 Startup Global Pitch Competition. The company is hoping to grow its consumer base and become a sports nutrition option that is known around the world.

Rendell-Watson also talks about the four-week INDIGital program that was recently brought to Edmonton by the Indigenous Friends Association to help participants heal through technology. Plus, the province announced a program with $6 million in funding that will provide unsecured loans of up to $75,000 to women who are starting or growing a business, and a new mobile app called The Atlas is in the works to map barriers to getting around the city.

In our sponsor spot, Dawn Newton of Accelerate Edmonton continues her conversation with Taproot co-founder Mack Male about Alberta Catalyzer, a provincial pre-accelerator program for Alberta founders.

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