Edmonton's budget adjustment so far

Edmonton's budget adjustment so far

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Week 1 of city council's discussion of adjustments to the 2022-2026 budget saw some re-litigation of previous decisions, in light of a proposed property tax increase of more than 7% rather than the original 5% increase proposed in 2022.

During the Nov. 22 budget debate, Coun. Karen Principe proposed an amendment (seconded by Coun. Jennifer Rice) to halve the $100 million in capital investment in bike lane infrastructure that city council passed in 2022. "My intent is to try to minimize the tax-supported debt because that's our third-largest expense," Principe said.

Coun. Keren Tang asked administration what this would ultimately mean. An administration official said the cut would shave $123,000 from tax-supported debt in 2024, $776,000 in 2025, and $1.9M in 2026. Tang followed up by asking what this would mean for the overall tax increase.

"As a percentage it would be tiny …" another administration official said. "The tax-levy impact for that is a 0.01% (reduction) for 2024, 0.04% for 2025 and 0.09% for 2026."

A majority of council voted against Principe's amendment. Supporters were Principe, Coun. Tim Cartmell, and Coun. Sarah Hamilton. Coun. Michael Janz was absent.

Here's a look at what else has happened budget-wise and what to expect this week:

Photo: Councillors interact with administration at a city council meeting in August 2023. (Mack Male/Flickr)

Correction: This file has been updated with the correct name of the councillor who seconded Sohi's amendment on diesel buses.