People's Agenda session explores quality of life on March 18

People's Agenda session explores quality of life on March 18

Published in The Pulse

Will Edmonton be a good place to live? That's the question we'll be exploring March 18 at the next listening session for our People's Agenda project.

Join us at noon for another discussion to uncover what is important to you as we head towards the municipal election on Oct. 18. Please register here to attend.

The topic reflects the synthesis of a number of responses to our People's Agenda question concerning quality of life. So far, people have told us they want to know how candidates will maintain or improve their quality of life and that of others. Many are concerned about the affordability of the city, while some are particularly concerned about the vibrancy of downtown or the efficiency of the waste management system. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, some are concerned about the survival of small businesses and the future of local arts.

That's a lot to tackle in one hour, and we won't get to all of it, but this seems like an interesting lens through which to consider the candidates' priorities. Chris Chang-Yen Phillips will once again be our host.

If you can't make it, we will recap it on Friday, as we did last week on city finances. Save the dates for future sessions — we'll be convening every Thursday until the end of April.