Tech community welcomes Innovate Edmonton's new CEO

By Emily Rendell-Watson

On Tuesday, Dec. 1 the new Innovate Edmonton named Catherine Warren as its first CEO, completing an executive search that began in August.

Following the announcement, Warren asked Edmonton's innovation community about the three things it needs most right now. Nearly 50 messages were posted to an Edmonton Startup Slack channel in response, which led to the creation of a Stormboard for the community to further brainstorm goals and priorities. 

The board talks about mentorship, investment, developing a local and global presence, talent retention, and more. 

The Stormboard for Edmonton's innovation community. (Stormboard)

The Stormboard for Edmonton's innovation community. (Stormboard)

"I have received the warmest of welcomes, I feel so happy to be embraced by the community," Warren said in an interview with Taproot's Speaking Municipally. "I'm here to help."

Warren told Taproot she sees herself as "a convener, as a catalyst, and as a champion for innovation" and will be building for the long-term.

"Innovation is a long game," Warren said. "We want to have a few quick wins but we also don't want to crash and burn."

Listen to Catherine Warren's interview with Speaking Municipally here