Nominations close for 2021 municipal election

· The Pulse
By Karen Unland

The nomination period for this year's municipal election ends on Sept. 20 at noon, kicking off the final leg of the campaign for city council just as the federal election draws to a close.

"The conclusion of the federal election signals what I'd call the 'really real' start date of the municipal election," Troy Pavlek said on Episode 147 of Speaking Municipally, Taproot's municipal affairs podcast.

Most candidates who intend to run have already filed their papers, as nominations opened back in January. The final list of candidates who will be on the ballot is to be released on Sept. 22 at noon.

Taproot has been inviting candidates to complete a 30-question, multiple-choice survey drawn from issues we heard about through our People's Agenda project. Here's what we have heard so far:

A screenshot from livestreamed video of a candidate and a clerk exchanging papers at City Hall.

A candidate files her papers to run in the Oct. 18 municipal election at Edmonton's City Hall, taken from the Edmonton Elections livestream of candidate signups.

We are expecting more responses in the coming days, so if you don't see answers from a candidate you're interested in, check back for updates. If you are a candidate who has not yet received a survey, please contact us at

Once we have the final list of candidates, we'll make the same survey available to voters so we can match you with candidates on the topics or questions that mean the most to you, within the ward you live in and among the mayoral candidates.

"Our hope is that more voters will know more about their candidates, and be able to make a better decision going into the election on Oct. 18," Mack Male said on Speaking Municipally.

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