Edmonton food legend hits another kind of green

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Siu To, the man credited with bringing the iconic green onion cake to Edmonton in 1980, and known to many as the Green Onion Cake Man, has invented his own golf club out of sheer love for the sport.

Nomess Golf's driver is "almost revolutionary," To told Taproot. It's for sale at Victoria Golf Course and Driving Range for $350, far less than Today's Golfer's picks, which run around $600 U.S. each.

"Your mind is always wanting to be improving something, to make it better," To said. "I think I should share this idea with public. I don't want to be a big manufacturer."

A toolmaker in Hong Kong before moving to Edmonton in 1975, To created the club's design. His driver is different from the average club. With a curved, convergent face, the club makes swings cut at a right angle, while most drivers are divergent faced or straight. His design aims to cut down on slices.

To spent two years working with an agent and manufacturer, and playing golf with a prototype before putting the club on sale.

He contrasted golf skills to driving a car, saying that unlike driving, which is habitual, in golf one needs to reorient themselves every season. To thinks that is "unacceptable," and said his Nomess driver addresses the issue.

"You have to retrain your body," To said of the annual golf season. He said his driver reduces that burden because its geometrical design lends a Gaudi-esque naturalism to gameplay.

He also said reading is fundamental. It's the act of assessing your environment to optimize your performance.

At 84, To isn't much concerned with making a buck on golf — even though he suggested he may launch a wider array of clubs in the future. He just wants to share his pet project with fellow players.

But To did offer thoughts on what may happen to Green Onion Cake Man, the business, after he is gone.

A person holding a golf cub poses in a restaurant in golf attire.

Siu To, better known as the Green Onion Cake Man, developed his own golf club — not out of a desire for profit, but simply for the love of the sport. (Supplied)

"I'm not gonna worry about that," he said. "I'm not appointing anyone to follow my steps."

To's adult children live in Ontario and the U.S. He said they have "very good" jobs and families, and they will not follow him into the restaurant business.

For now, it's all about golf and making the most of his time on Earth.

"I am still alive. I'm still healthy. I'm capable. My mind is still OK," he said. "So, why not try to do something?"

Green Onion Cake Man is located at 9132 118 Avenue NW. The Nomess Golf driver is for sale at Victoria Golf Course and Driving Range, located at 12130 River Valley Road NW.