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Friday, January 22, 2021

We go through the agendas and minutes so that you don't have to! Taproot Edmonton is publishing the final edition of the Council Roundup on Jan. 22 as we transition our coverage of the discussions and decisions happening at city hall to The Pulse and our new website. This means you’ll see more coverage of municipal politics from Taproot, and on a more frequent basis.

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Friday, January 15, 2021

We go through the agendas and minutes so that you don't have to! The City of Edmonton's 2021 budget has a 0% tax increase, but that comes with consequences — including staff layoffs, as the city looks to cut inefficiencies. More than 300 positions will be cut, and the city announced the first of those on Jan. 12 as it plans to issue 60 layoff notices in January. 

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Friday, January 8, 2021

We go through the agendas and minutes so that you don't have to! Edmontonians interested in running for office in this year's municipal election can now file their nomination papers. The nomination period officially began on Jan. 4 and will be open until nomination day on Sept. 20, four weeks before election day.

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Recent articles

A rainbow of flags held aloft on a street during a Pride parade

Retirement home for LGBTQ2S+ seniors is in the works

The Edmonton Pride Seniors Group (EPSG) is getting closer to its dream of building a queer-friendly retirement home. The group is working with the city to acquire a piece of land on which to build an affordable housing development where queer seniors can feel comfortable and safe being themselves, without worrying about whether the residents or staff will accept them.

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A bar chart comparing the light-trap counts of 10 species of mosquito in Edmonton, with Aedes vexans the most populous in mid-August, followed by Culiseta inornata

Data shows the ebb and flow of mosquito season

You've probably never swatted a mosquito and stopped to ask yourself if it was a Culex or an Ochlerotatus, but that is one of the considerations guiding Edmonton's ever evolving pest control program.

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The view of 102 Avenue looking east from 102 Street, which currently has an under-construction LRT track, one lane of road, a bike lane, and sidewalks on each side

Idea to turn 102 Avenue over to pedestrians has long pedigree

Making 102 Avenue a pedestrian corridor, which city council narrowly voted to do last week amid significant opposition, is not a new idea — city planners saw the potential at least as far back as 1988.

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