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Newspaper clippings of a story headlined "Cheery Chums Hold Colorful Banquet in Honor of St. Patrick" and ads for a masquerade dance, shamrocks, and green carnations
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A moment in history: March 15, 1929

On this day 94 years ago, Edmontonians were all set to cheerfully celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

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A smiling Filipina with her arm around her six-year-old daughter
immigration justice

Mother and advocate wages final campaign to avoid deportation

A Filipina who came to Edmonton as a temporary foreign worker and went on to win a human-rights award for her advocacy work is scheduled to be deported in July, likely bringing her six-year-old Canadian-born daughter with her if she has to go.

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A newspaper clipping that starts out saying "A large number of settlers from all parts are staying at the Immigration Hall, among them being families from Maine and California."
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A moment in history: April 20, 1905

On this day 117 years ago, some of the new arrivals at Immigration Hall were saying the building was starting to show its age.

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