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A cat standing on grass and rubbing up against a concrete slab
city council region

Calls for public engagement: Animal bylaw, Castle Downs Park, St. Albert land use

Here are some opportunities to offer your input on civic initiatives, including Edmonton's animal bylaw, concept plans for Castle Downs Park, and updates to St. Albert's land use bylaw.

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A community garden plot in Edmonton. A sign reads "Water Me."
food business

Urban farmers see need for more productive regulatory environment

A decade after the adoption of its food and urban agriculture strategy, Edmonton has made it easier for people to grow food for themselves, but it has a long way to go to enable the kind of agriculture that allows farmers to feed others, advocates say.

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A newspaper ad with the headline "The University of Alberta's Physical Environment" with a call for input to the senate
history university of alberta

A moment in history: March 30, 1973

On this day 49 years ago, the University of Alberta was considering its future space needs and the future of North Garneau. Look back at the history of the campus in our weekly riff on a newspaper clipping from the past.

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