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City councillors sit in a row behind a long, curved desk in a brightly lit room with light wooden furniture.
city council zoning

Advocates gear up for public hearing on zoning bylaw

Stakeholder groups are rallying their supporters ahead of a public hearing on Oct. 16, after which Edmonton's city council will decide whether to adopt a new zoning bylaw.

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A screenshot of Sturgeon County Mayor Alanna Hnatiw speaking into a microphone
region business

Sturgeon County wins appeal to develop Villeneuve Airport Area

The Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board has approved a plan for the development of the area around Villeneuve Airport, reversing an earlier stance that had Sturgeon County questioning whether the regional body was working for its smaller members.

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Portraits of Jason Svixay and Stephen Raitz beside a slide that reads "Downtown Pedestrianization Preliminary Survey Results" over a map of downtown that shows roadways of various thicknesses.
city council downtown

Advocacy groups collaborate on downtown pedestrianization

After being on opposite sides of the debate on whether to close 102 Avenue to traffic, two Edmonton advocacy groups are working together to look at ways to improve walkability in the downtown core.

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Council's urban planning committee and residents in council chambers discussing the draft zoning bylaw
engagement zoning

Calls for public engagement: Edmonton zoning and Fort Sask forest

Here are some opportunities to offer your input on various civic issues, including Edmonton's zoning bylaw renewal and Fort Saskatchewan's urban forest plan.

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People stand outside Twice Cream on a winter's day
city council zoning

Opposition to zoning bylaw renewal draws writer into the fray

Seeing people begin to organize against the city's Zoning Bylaw Renewal Initiative made Edmonton writer David Berry decide to speak out about why the changes are necessary.

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An image of a map from the City of Edmonton archives. Long, skinny lots along the river are visible
history podcast

Podcast explores intersection of river lots and parks

Edmonton's river valley is a cherished nature getaway for many Edmontonians. Canada's largest contiguous area of urban parkland didn't come about by accident, as Episode 65 of Let's Find Out demonstrates.

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Four panellists and one moderator are seated atop barstools with two chairs in the foreground and two banners in the background of the photo. Each person depicted wears business casual attire.
region planning

More density sought to accommodate regional growth

The metro region is going to need more multi-unit housing, not only in Edmonton but also in the surrounding municipalities, to accommodate expected population growth, a panel discussion on land development heard on June 15.

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A conceptual diagram showing multi-unit buildings among single-family homes in a neighbourhood
city council zoning

Calls for public engagement: Zoning bylaw and neighbourhood renewals

Here are some opportunities to offer your input on various civic issues in Edmonton, including neighbourhood renewal in Hillview, Overlanders, and Homesteader, and the Zoning Bylaw Renewal Initiative.

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A screenshot from a flyover animation showing a section of Yellowhead Trail with an underpass for 121 Street and 107 Street
city council planning

Calls for public engagement: Edmonton, Strathcona County, and Spruce Grove

Here are some opportunities to offer your input on various civic issues in the metro region, including a preliminary design for a stretch of Yellowhead Trail, agriculture in Strathcona County, and community standards in Spruce Grove.

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