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A bike lane is shown on a residential street lined with parked cars, trees and houses.
city council trees

City targets 2030 for two million new trees

The City of Edmonton says it will plant two million new trees by 2030, at a cost of about $114 million.

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An aerial view of the Currents of Windermere shopping centre
business food

How Windermere became a restaurant hot spot

Whether it be high-profile chains like P.F. Chang's and California Pizza Kitchen or new locations for independents like Black Pearl Seafood Bar, the area south of the Anthony Henday Freeway and east of the river has become a food destination, as restaurants follow customers to the urban periphery.

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A concrete-lined back alley in downtown Edmonton, with a view of a dumpster and blue sky ahead
city council planning

Building social space in the nooks and crannies of the inner city

Edmonton's back alley transformation projects could create much-needed social space in the downtown core, says an urban planner.

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A map the recommended concept for the intersection of 75 Street and 101 Avenue
transportation infrastructure

Proposed redesign of 101 Avenue creates danger, say cyclists

Some cyclists say proposed changes to the intersection of 101 Avenue and 75 Street are unsafe. The Edmonton Bike Coalition is holding a protest northeast of the intersection on June 18 to draw attention to the problems and suggest what a safe intersection for biking and walking would look like.

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Newspaper clippings with the headline "River Valley Use Disputed"
history transportation

A moment in history: April 13, 1963

On this day 59 years ago, a showdown was brewing within the city government over the fate of the river valley, culminating in a big fight over a plan to build half a dozen freeways through the middle of the city.

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Cars parked in a surface lot in downtown Edmonton
downtown business

Downtown workers would like cheaper parking, but consider the costs, says planner

A survey for the Edmonton Downtown Business Association found that 60% of workers view the availability of discounted parking as a factor that would increase the likelihood of them choosing to return to work downtown. But while discounting parking or making it free may seem like an attractive solution to reinvigorate the heart of the city, it's not that simple, explained urban planner Neal LaMontagne.

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A view at the construction of new residential towers in downtown Edmonton in 2014
downtown planning

Planner sees need for 'granular' projects to build downtown population

The latest census shows that Edmonton is one of a handful of Canadian cities to see a decline in its downtown population between 2016 and 2021. The decrease is surprising, says urban planner Neal LaMontagne, but he doesn't think it is necessarily a sign that the city is headed in the wrong direction.

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A collage of slides from the Canadian Institute of Planners awards ceremony video on July 15, 2021
city council region

Edmonton wins planning awards for open option parking and City Plan

A national association of planners has recognized Edmonton for its shift away from mandatory minimum parking and for its new City Plan's commitment to compact growth.

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Promotional image for People's Agenda listening session on city-building
people's agenda city council

Share your thoughts about city-building on April 29

Will we build our city intelligently? That's the question we'll be exploring on April 29 at the next listening session for our People's Agenda project.

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