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A newspaper clipping that reads, "Appearing Nightly, Mayfair Hotel, Lounge & Mayfair Room"
history development

A moment in history: April 24, 1971

On this day in 1971, one of Edmonton's nightlife hotspots was advertising live music.

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The facade of a brick building reading "MacEwan University" with parking signs and cars parked along the street.
arts education

Conservatory of Music needs new home after Alberta College sale

MacEwan University is seeking a new home for its Conservatory of Music following the sale of the Alberta College building that now houses it.

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Rapper Arlo Maverick splays across a stoop, lit in blue under the cover of dark.
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Arlo Maverick's latest celebrates blue-collar Edmonton

A longtime Edmonton rapper is dedicating his forthcoming sophomore album to the working class.

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A mirror ball hangs above a room full of party people. In the foreground of the black-and-white, off-kilter scene is a woman with a drink and a man in a ballcap holding a large fan.
arts food

Residents take up residence at Double Dragon

A DJ-and-video collective that began by hosting casual events at an apartment has found its latest home at a new nightclub in Edmonton.

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Courtney Brown holds a blowing device up to a replica dinosaur skull. There is an image of the dinosaur's full skeleton on the wall.
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Festival of new music goes way, way back

Musician Courtney Brown will bring the past to the present by playing a replica dinosaur skull at New Music Edmonton's annual festival this month.

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Rapper Mouraine poses in profile with his eyes closed. He is wearing a simple black T-shirt and his hair is braided.
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Rapper Mouraine reps north Edmonton on debut album

Northside rapper Mouraine is sharing love for his hometown — especially his corner of it — on his debut album, In Search of Gold.

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A female singer clad in bedazzled white western wear makes finger guns at the audience from the stage at 9910.
arts business

Moonlighting in cover bands helps musicians make ends meet

For musician Clint Frazier and his collaborators, cover shows like Twain Gretzky Overdrive are a way to achieve the ends of both art and commerce. They'll do it again on April 6 with YO ABBA ABBA!, a tribute to Swedish disco icons ABBA.

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A newspaper clipping with the headline "New Releases by Haas, Sveen"
history music

A moment in history: Feb. 22, 1972

On this day 51 years ago, Edmonton polka master Gaby Haas was releasing an album, another addition to a discography that would make him one of Canada's most recorded musicians.

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Various pieces of framed abstract art hung on a wall
arts events

Open Walls brings 'beautiful chaos' to Bleeding Heart's new home

After a three-year hiatus, Bleeding Heart Art Space has once again opened its walls to original work by local artists of all kinds, this time in its new home in Highlands.

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