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A coyote and a magpie near a stand of trees behind housing
nature wildlife

Coyote researcher seeks volunteers to test birdseed theory

A graduate student at the University of Alberta is looking for volunteers to help her determine whether spilled seeds from bird feeders are attracting coyotes to people's yards, and if so, whether a simple tool could help prevent it.

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A newspaper clipping with the headline "Saw Coyote In City"
history nature

A moment in history: July 19, 1926

On this day 97 years ago, a bold coyote was spotted crossing Jasper Avenue on its way to the river.

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Kyla Tichkowsky leans against a Larch Sanctuary sign while pointing her finger to her chin
nature conservation

More natural spaces could help preserve the lowly lichen

Should Edmonton have a lichen preserve, or would the important but overlooked organism be better served by having more natural spaces everywhere in the city? Let's Find Out investigates.

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Many snow geese, who are nearly all-white aside from black wingtips, are seen in flight during the 2023 Snow Goose Festival
history podcast

Revived lake makes Snow Goose Festival possible again

Birders in the Edmonton area can watch the snow geese return to Beaverhill Lake instead of chasing around to catch a glimpse, now that the once-dry site of the Snow Goose Festival is wet again.

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A newspaper clipping with the headline "Dinosaur Bone 6,000,000 Years Old Being Uncovered in River Valley Here" with a picture of a large bone and discoverer C.C. Moller
history nature

A moment in history: May 3, 1941

On this day 82 years ago, an amateur paleontologist was unearthing what appeared to be a massive dinosaur fossil in Edmonton's river valley.

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A bronze sculpture of an owl-headed human; a clay bird wearing a top hat with ribbons on its talons; a little round bird made of paper and wire
arts crafts

Exhibit explores the fine art of putting a bird on it

The birdwatching trend kindled by isolation gave people a much-needed distraction during the pandemic, created a wealth of data for researchers, and now has inspired a gallery full of craft art objects.

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Joshua Kirsch and Dustin Bajer stand in front of trees in the Edmonton Urban Farm
region trees

Project looks to map saplings given to Alberta first-graders

For more than 60 years, the government of Alberta has distributed nearly 70,000 tree saplings to Grade 1 students during Alberta Forest Week. Now two local tree enthusiasts want your help to map those generations of lodgepole pine and white spruce.

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A large winged insect sits in the palm of a man's hand
science nature

Cicadas: The loudest insects you've never seen

Cicadas help create the buzzing soundscape of the city on hot summer nights, but the insects themselves are a rare sight.

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A blue and purple mushroom sculpture placed in long grass as part of the Game of Shrooms day
arts nature

Foraging for art offers escape from the ordinary

In the early hours of a Saturday morning, dozens of hand-crafted mushrooms cropped up around Edmonton. Cardboard polypores rooted in the brick face of an Irish pub. Stained-glass amanitas dripped off tree branches along walking trails. Knitted toadstools and psychedelic polymer caps lay in long grass, waiting for collectors – or curious passersby – to discover them.

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