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A file shot of Edmonton city council
podcast city council

Podcasters consider council's code of conduct

Edmonton city council's decision to say no to updates that city administration proposed for its code of conduct bylaw caught the attention of the co-hosts of Episode 271 of Speaking Municipally.

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People install solar panels on a roof
podcast city council

Podcasters shine light on city's solar rebate

The City of Edmonton decision to launch a revised version of its residential solar rebate program is a surprise that offers some promise, the hosts of Episode 270 of Speaking Municipally said.

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A picture of a person at speaking above a sign that says "Edmonton Global"
podcast city council

Podcasters taxed by administration's non-residential tax report

A new administration report shows the percentage of taxes the city collects from non-residential properties is smaller than that same percentage across the region. Given non-residential taxes from businesses net a municipality far more than residential ones, the report poses a problem that the co-hosts were keen to discuss in Episode 269 of Speaking Municipally.

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A person steps off an Edmonton Transit Service bus
podcast city council

Podcast hops the metaphoric bus to ponder transit revenues

Although Edmonton's transit ridership has rebounded to pre-pandemic numbers, at 5.3 million riders in May compared to 2.3 million in April 2021, the co-hosts of Speaking Municipally explained that there are wrinkles to the news in Episode 268 of the podcast.

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A picture of a façade of a business called Marbles that displays its name, services, and phone number.
podcast police

Podcast litigates crime-prevention theory used to block Boyle Street's latest application

A decades-old theory that police have influenced in practice appears to be the latest mechanism employed to refuse a permit for Boyle Street Community Services's planned Mahihkan Kamik overdose-prevention site in Ritchie, guest Jack Farrell explained on Episode 267 of Speaking Municipally.

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Four people sit behind a table with podcasting equipment.
podcast city council

Homelessness is a feature, not bug, of Canada's housing system, researcher says

Homelessness is an expected outcome of the country's housing system, according to the research lead at a University of Alberta housing lab.

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An architectural rendering of a multi-family housing development.
city council housing

New city team aims to accelerate housing construction

The City of Edmonton has established a housing action team with the goal of scaling up investment in affordable housing and accelerating construction.

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The word "ARTS" in block letters with images representing visual art, theatre, music, and coming together superimposed on the letters
city council arts

Podcasters wonder what makes a district

Following city council's decision to designate Rice Howard Way as a downtown entertainment district, news about two other districts in downtown Edmonton caught the attention of Episode 264 of Speaking Municipally.

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A cyclist pedals uphill in a road lane with bollards separating them from traffic.
city council transportation

Podcast considers slimmed-down streets, Edge Fund treats

The return of Edmonton's Summer Streets Program while e-scooters are absent is bittersweet in the estimation of Episode 263 of Speaking Municipally.

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