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A sample of dog toys for sale on the Preet website, shaped like an artichoke, a pizza, a lotus flower, a cookie, and a four-leaf mat
business technology

Startup founder shifts from snow removal to pet toys

After exiting from home services company Yardly, Sheldon Zhang has launched Preet, a marketplace to connect independent brands selling pet supplies with retailers looking for unique products.

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Eleven young people surround Nate Glubish, Cam Linke, and Laura Kilcrease in the Amii office
technology artificial intelligence

Province invests $30M in Amii to further AI adoption

A $30-million investment from the province will allow Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii) to further its efforts to bring AI out of the academy and into industry, says the organization's CEO.

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A view of the Life Sciences Investment Summit stage from the back of the crowd
technology investment

Startup TNT makes it rain on the Prairies

Three Western Canadian startups will get tens of thousands of dollars in investment, and at least six more will get smaller cheques, after pitching at Startup TNT's three sector-specific summits on March 23.

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A large group of entrepreneurs poses on a dirt-floor patio underneath a wooden roof
technology business

Tech delegation to SXSW a success, say participants

Tech entrepreneurs who attended SXSW with Alberta Innovates say they made important new connections to customers, investors, and partners.

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Gail Powley speaks before a crowded room inside the Advanced Technology Centre, a building made of glass, grey concrete and red steel.
business region

Edmonton Research Park businesses encouraged by city moves

Leaders of some of the organizations based at Edmonton Research Park are cautiously optimistic about the city's plans for the facility after extensive consultations and a proposal to seek ongoing input.

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Screen grab of the EDGI map showing a menu, bubbles indicating listings, and a map of Edmonton
technology business

EDGI maps Edmonton's innovation ecosystem

Edmonton Unlimited has created a visual database of the Edmonton region's innovation ecosystem to help expand the understanding of what innovation is and inform future decisions.

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A smiling Mike Launer beside a sign with the South by Southwest logo
business technology

Startup TNT names finalists for three investment summits

Nanostics and Annelida Organics will be the only Edmonton-area companies pitching for investment at Startup TNT's three sector summits on March 23.

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Three men stand in front of a pop-up banner for DiscoveryLab
business technology

DiscoveryLab offers 'friendly roundtable' to innovators

At his day job in biochemistry, Michael Overduin pursues data to better understand proteins and accelerate drug discovery. But at DiscoveryLab, he's in search of something a little less scientific: stories.

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Matt Anderson-Baron and Jalene Anderson-Baron beside a mural depicting stages of their process such as homogenization, purification, validation, cell culture validation, and quality assurance
business food

Future Fields gets funding to scale fruit-fly-powered biomanufacturing

Edmonton will be the site of the world's first production facility for recombinant protein derived from fruit flies after Future Fields secured US$11.2 million in funding from investors and the federal government.

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