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Edmonton International Airport eyes next step for drone operations

Drones will be an increasingly important part of delivering goods, says the Edmonton International Airport's leader in cargo, who just returned from a summit in Brussels on the technology in the industry.

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Planes from Air Canada and United in front of the air traffic control tower at the Edmonton International Airport
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Airport projects 90% passenger recovery by end of 2023

The Edmonton International Airport (YEG) expects its passenger numbers to reach nearly 90% of pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2023, a recovery pace much faster than it originally projected.

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Several views of Apron 8 at the Edmonton International Airport
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Edmonton International Airport sees cargo as region-builder

Fresh off a number of awards and despite facing global headwinds, the Edmonton International Airport (YEG) is looking forward to continued growth for its cargo business in 2023, even though it isn't a major contributor to the bottom line.

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Trevor Caswell at a podium with the words "Pharma Logistics Masterclass" behind him
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Airport forges international reputation in pharma logistics and delivery

A spirit of collaboration has helped the Edmonton International Airport (YEG) earn a global reputation as a leader in pharmaceutical logistics and innovative delivery, says the organization's manager in charge of cargo.

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Aerial photo of the Villeneuve Airport area
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Villeneuve Airport area imagined as investment and innovation hub

Sturgeon County council has given first reading to the area structure plan for the Villeneuve Airport Area, advancing the plan to a public hearing later this year.

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A Sparrow Drone hovers over an airfield in front of a crowd
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'A small city': Building a hub for innovation at the Edmonton airport

The Edmonton International Airport (EIA) is building its business in a way that positions it at the heart of supporting and developing innovation in the region, says the woman in charge of making those big ideas happen.

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A newspaper clipping with the headline "Free Port" Suggested At New City Airport
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A moment in history: Feb. 16, 1956

On this day in 1956, ideas were flying about for Edmonton's proposed international airport. The "free port" proposal was one of the many ideas floated. While the plan to make Edmonton a kind of duty-free zone never took off, it indicated the excitement surrounding the potential of the new airfield.

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