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A newspaper clipping of an aerial view of downtown with the caption "Heart of Edmonton as envisioned in $107,000,000 civic centre proposal"
history downtown

A moment in history: March 22, 1962

On this day 61 years ago, a New York company was pitching a massive development plan with promises of revitalizing Edmonton's downtown core.

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Three members of the Community Outreach Transit Team wearing masks and uniforms in an LRT station
city council transit

On the agenda: Transit safety, community revitalization levies, and the Edmonton Research Park

This week, community and public services committee will meet on March 20, urban planning committee meets on March 21, and executive committee will meet on March 22. Recruitment for various boards and committees continues with a non-regular meeting of community and public services committee on March 24.

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Councillors Jo-Anne Wright and Andrew Knack in council chambers, looking towards their colleagues
city council speaking municipally

Podcast examines meaning of flip-flop on pedestrian corridor

Episode 210 of Speaking Municipally goes deep into city council's decision to reopen a downtown stretch of 102 Avenue to vehicle traffic despite asking administration eight months ago for a bylaw to close it to cars.

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Orange and black-striped "road closed" signs in front of the bike lane on 102 Avenue at 102 Street
city council budget

On the agenda: Core services, 102 Avenue, and a $31M pedway

This week, there's a public hearing on Feb. 21, a city council meeting on Feb. 22 with a continuation scheduled for Feb. 24, and a private meeting of the committee that evaluates the performance of the city manager and city auditor on Feb. 23. Here are some of the key items on the agenda.

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Chief Dale McFee at a podium that says "Safer Communities" in front of an Edmonton Police Service backdrop, flanked by provincial minister Mike Ellis and Coun. Sarah Hamilton
city council police

Podcast scrutinizes plan to deploy sheriffs downtown

Episode 207 of Speaking Municipally takes a closer look at the province's plan to deploy 12 sheriffs to downtown Edmonton, billed as an effort to "help deter and respond to crime and social disorder."

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A newspaper clipping of a letter to the editor under the headline "Down memory lane"
history downtown

A moment in history: Feb. 1, 1982

On this day 41 years ago, the city was split on the future of one of Edmonton's most storied downtown buildings.

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A newspaper clipping with a photograph of a debonair young man named Sydney Davies, beside a headline reading "Young Onlooker Caught Beneath Toppling Walls: Clothing and Tie Prove that Missing Real Estate Man Met Fate at Thursday's Blaze"
history downtown

A moment in history: Jan. 18, 1913

On this day 110 years ago, people were still searching for survivors after one of the city's worst fires.

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Sharon Yeo and Freya Fu lead a group of people down a wide sidewalk in Edmonton's Chinatown
food business

Chinatown Dining Week returns with inflation-friendly deals

Chinatown Dining Week is back for the sixth year in row, featuring 15 food businesses in Edmonton's Chinatown area from Jan. 26 to Feb. 5.

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Justin Weleschuk and Alex Putici seated on a couch in front of a brick wall with two red mugs on a white table in front of them
business downtown

Work Nicer opens second Edmonton location at Mercer Warehouse

Work Nicer's second Edmonton location is now open inside the historic Mercer Warehouse on 104 Street downtown.

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