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A narrow hallway inside an apartment building in Edmonton.
business housing

Financialization of housing puts Edmonton's affordability at risk, advocates say

Investors own nearly half of all purpose-built rental buildings in Edmonton, and as National Housing Day approaches, housing advocates warn that the city's lauded affordability could disappear if governments do not act on this fast-moving trend.

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A rezoning sign in front of a brick building in Edmonton's McCauley neighbourhood.
city council budget

On the agenda: Budget adjustments, anti-racism, shelter rezoning

This week, council will take its first official look at the fall supplemental budget adjustments, hear updates on the carbon budget and anti-racism efforts, and consider a rezoning in Boyle-McCauley.

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A pointy-topped, 23-storey tower made of glass and steel in downtown Edmonton.
city council climate

On the agenda: Climate action, homelessness, and office tower conversions

This week, council committees are set to discuss climate action, projects to help homeless and vulnerable Edmontonians, and whether to incentivize office tower conversions, among other topics.

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Councillors Sarah Hamilton, Erin Rutherford, and Ashley Salvador sitting in council chambers
city council zoning

On the agenda: Zoning, transit safety, and construction accountability

This week, city council will continue a public hearing on the proposed zoning bylaw renewal on Oct. 23. Council will also have a private non-regular meeting on Oct. 23 to discuss updates on the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and pre-budget submissions, and it will meet on Oct. 24 with a continuation scheduled for Oct. 25 if required.

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A group of people file into the entrance of a dark, glass and brick building.
business housing

Student leaders advocate for housing diversity as Laurent Tower opens

Student housing development Laurent Tower opened its doors for its first residents in September, but it's merely one piece of the housing puzzle, student leaders say.

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A map showing the four temporary locations housing Boyle Street's services
downtown podcast

Boyle Street solution seen as heartening but puzzling

Speaking Municipally takes a look at Boyle Street Community Services' move to four temporary locations while it waits for its new facility to be finished next fall.

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A dug-out road in front of businesses separated by a fence
city council housing

On the agenda: Winter shelters, affordable housing, and construction compensation

This week, a public hearing takes place on Oct. 3, city council meets on Oct. 4 with a continuation scheduled for Oct. 5, and a special city council meeting takes place on Oct. 6.

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Six people sit on upholstered chairs on a stage, flanked by screens that read "The Economic Argument for a More Equitable Edmonton"
city council business

Mayor's panel argues for economic benefits of equity

The economic argument for subsidized childcare helped transform it from an ideal to a reality. Now, a panel asks, can we do the same for housing?

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Four panellists and one moderator are seated atop barstools with two chairs in the foreground and two banners in the background of the photo. Each person depicted wears business casual attire.
region planning

More density sought to accommodate regional growth

The metro region is going to need more multi-unit housing, not only in Edmonton but also in the surrounding municipalities, to accommodate expected population growth, a panel discussion on land development heard on June 15.

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