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An architectural rendering of a multi-family housing development.
city council housing

New city team aims to accelerate housing construction

The City of Edmonton has established a housing action team with the goal of scaling up investment in affordable housing and accelerating construction.

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An excavator digs through the remnants of a building that has burned down
history city council

Hangar 11 loss called a crucial moment for Edmonton architecture

Dan Rose swore as he watched the flames destroy Hangar 11 on April 22. "I was like, 'For Christ's sakes, we just can't catch a break,'" he told Taproot.

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A photo of a multifamily house construction site.
region business

Bill 20 offers power to accelerate housing through property tax breaks

While Bill 20 has drawn heat for changes to local governance and elections in Alberta, it also contains measures that will for the first time allow municipalities to offer property-tax breaks or deferments for up to 15 years on all residential properties.

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Coun. Tim Cartmell in council chambers.
city council homelessness

Cartmell to push for social agencies to prove value

An Edmonton city councillor wants to use data to track whether homeless-serving organizations that receive city money are improving people's lives, but some in the sector question the effectiveness of more data collection and reporting.

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An aerial view of Edmonton.
podcast city council

Podcasters poke plans for districts in Edmonton

With district planning policymaking afoot at Edmonton city council, podcast hosts Troy Pavlek and Mack Male took a look at what the proposed plans mean for the city on Episode 260 of Speaking Municipally.

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Councillors Sarah Hamilton, Erin Rutherford, and Ashley Salvador at a council meeting.
city council budget

On the agenda: Potential tax increases, Windsor Park rezoning, supportive housing

This week, council will make adjustments to the city's operating budget, look at a rezoning in Windsor Park, and discuss supportive housing projects at risk of losing funding.

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A photo that shows an LRT running beside a tall residential building in Edmonton
housing transit

As Ottawa pushes for density near transit, research shows Edmonton has challenges

The federal government's recent push for cities to change rules that have limited dense housing near high-frequency transit has underlined new research, which shows Edmonton has not added population in many of these areas for decades.

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Four people sit on a couch at the CHEW Project.
health fyrefly institute

Boyle Street to take over CHEW Project operations

Boyle Street Community Services is taking over the day-to-day operation of the CHEW Project on April 1 as the centre has struggled with staffing and new requirements.

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A photo of a three-storey apartment building with balconies.
city council business

What's a landlord registry, and can it protect tenants?

A registry of Edmonton landlords that could be in the works after city council approved an updated affordable housing strategy could lead to better conditions for renters, according to a tenants' rights group.

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