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Many snow geese, who are nearly all-white aside from black wingtips, are seen in flight during the 2023 Snow Goose Festival
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Revived lake makes Snow Goose Festival possible again

Birders in the Edmonton area can watch the snow geese return to Beaverhill Lake instead of chasing around to catch a glimpse, now that the once-dry site of the Snow Goose Festival is wet again.

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Machines in a factory
region business

Airport-based facility to boost production of compostable straws

Plant Plus, which produces compostable straws using a novel plant-fibre polymer, is planning to boost production thanks to an upgraded facility in the Edmonton region.

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Cover art for Becoming Less Podcast, featuring the title in a circle around a simple drawing of a leaf
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Podcast pick: Becoming Less Podcast

Looking for less waste, less consumption, less impact, less clutter, and less stress? The Becoming Less Podcast from Waste Free Edmonton is here to help.

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A smiling David Dodge holds a camera and microphone in front of an array of solar panels
environment media

Decade of renewable-energy stories fuels David Dodge's optimism

After 310 episodes of Green Energy Futures, David Dodge is still optimistic about society's ability to address climate change, especially as low-carbon power becomes more affordable.

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A map of Edmonton with lots of red patches around the edges, representing the loss of vegetation between 1999 and 2020
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Edmonton's disappearing green space needs replacing as the climate heats up

Edmonton is steadily losing its urban green space, making the city significantly hotter than the surrounding area as temperatures rise due to climate change.

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Cover art for What On EARTH Can We Do?, featuring an anthropomorphized globe asking the titular question
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Podcast pick: What On EARTH Can We Do?

This week's recommendation is for the Alberta Emerald Foundation's podcast to celebrate environmental achievements, a timely listen on the eve of the UN Climate Change Conference.

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