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A flowchart showing how the City of Edmonton and its partners respond to encampments on public land.
city council housing

On the agenda: Homelessness emergency, redevelopment, clean energy

Mayor Amarjeet Sohi has called for a special city council meeting to discuss declaring a housing and houselessness crisis. Other items as council returns from its holiday break include land sales at the Exhibition Lands redevelopment and a permanent program to incentivize clean energy projects.

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A pointy-topped, 23-storey tower made of glass and steel in downtown Edmonton.
city council climate

On the agenda: Climate action, homelessness, and office tower conversions

This week, council committees are set to discuss climate action, projects to help homeless and vulnerable Edmontonians, and whether to incentivize office tower conversions, among other topics.

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Heather MacKenzie smiles while surrounded by solar panels set up in an array
climate business

Solar Alberta campaign fights renewables moratorium

A solar-advocating non-profit is running a campaign to demonstrate opposition to the province's moratorium on approvals for new renewable-energy power plants.

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A screenshot taken from The U.S. Climate Vulnerability Index showing Houston and its Arrow phenomenon.
technology business

Darkhorse Analytics visualizes U.S. climate vulnerability

An Edmonton-based data visualization company has launched a new interactive map on climate vulnerability around the U.S. that aims to equip policymakers and communities with actionable insights.

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A colourful and circular array of information about the genetic structure of a mathanotroph called Gammaproteobacteria
technology business

SynBioBlox seeks $1.5M to turn methane into sustainable jet fuel

An Edmonton-based company is seeking a $1.5 million investment to commercialize its process to engineer bacteria to transform waste methane into greener jet fuel.

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A large group of people stand to the right of a solar panel array on a rooftop. The sky behind them is cloudy and grey.
business energy

SPICE enables investment in community-powered solar

A solar cooperative is now accepting investments from the public to build renewable-energy infrastructure on community buildings.

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Two men, one in a blue suit and the other in a black sweater, smile and shake hands in front of a banner that reads "Alberta Ecotrust"
climate business

Partnership delivers energy retrofits to multi-unit buildings

Two west Edmonton residential buildings with a total of 165 units are receiving energy retrofits as part of a new partnership between the Alberta Ecotrust Foundation and Toronto's Efficiency Capital.

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Downtown Edmonton rendered in Lego, with an LRT train in the foreground and City Hall in the back
city council downtown

On the agenda: Zoning, Downtown District Energy, and shisha bars

This week, community and public services committee will meet on June 19, urban planning committee will meet on June 20, and executive committee will meet on June 23. Here are some of the key agenda items.

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Chowdary Meenavilli holds a microphone while he presents in a black sweater and black-framed glasses.
technology business

NTWIST claims top prize at Startup TNT's Investment Summit VII

A company that uses AI to help mining operations save money and decrease greenhouse-gas emissions, won the Edmonton portion of Startup TNT's Investment Summit VII.

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