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A chart showing a trend up and to the right indicating that the more times a waterworks systems runs a test for bacteria, the more positive results it will get
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Water-testing startup finds its flow

Named for a Farsi word meaning "bright," Edmonton's Roshan Water Solutions is commercializing a novel water-testing technology that its founders hope will save lives.

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Four men smile at the camera in a boardroom with a view of Edmonton skyscrapers
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Startup TNT names its top 20 for three sector summits

Varme Energy is the only Edmonton company with a chance to make it through to the finals of the upcoming Cleantech Investment Summit.

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Jolene Ali in a lab coat, with a piece of stainless steel machinery behind her, beside two closeups of gelatinous cubes
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Gummy startup offers sweet alternatives to pills and tablets

If you've ever let bottles of vitamins languish in your medicine cabinet, you've probably switched to gummies — Edmonton startup Gummy Nutrition Lab is banking on it.

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John Lewis of Entos Pharmaceuticals and Nanostics, Cory Janssen of AltaML, Jacqueline Shan of PBG BioPharma, Colin Coros of Nanostics, Sharmin Habib of Umay, and Sunil Rajput of Alberta Innovates
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Health innovation beat followups: Deals, drugs, and Dragons

Just because a story is written doesn't mean it's over. Here are some updates on health innovation stories we covered in 2022.

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A look at the home page of the Neurodevelopmental Disability Navigator Toolkit

Toolkit aims to help families of children with neurodevelopmental disabilities

Families of children with autism, cerebral palsy, and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder now have access to a free online resource called the Neurodevelopmental Disability Navigator Toolkit.

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Mark Curial of MACH32 holds a microphone on stage in front of a banner for Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation
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Life Sciences Investment Summit returns in 2023

Startup TNT is bringing back its Life Sciences Investment Summit in early 2023, alongside its first agtech summit and its second cleantech summit.

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Sophie Gray stands in an empty space with construction materials in the background
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Mental wellness company DiveThru to open a studio

In a space just south of Whyte Avenue, a storefront with a sign saying "you can cry here" may not look like much right now. But in February, the space will become home to DiveThru Studio, the brick-and-mortar location of Edmonton-based mental wellness company DiveThru.

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Six members of the 48Hour Discovery team assembles around a cheque held by Startup TNT's Zack Storms
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Startup TNT winner seeks to unlock millions by ramping up protein discovery

Biotech company 48Hour Discovery, which won the Edmonton side of Startup TNT's Investment Summit VI, is looking to raise a $2.5-million seed round to help it "pre-discover" 250 protein targets.

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A newspaper clipping with the headline "Five Deaths Friday Due to Influenza: Three in the Morning and Two in Afternoon — Total 369 Deaths in All Reported"
history covid-19

A moment in history: Nov. 23, 1918

On this day 104 years ago, Edmonton was in the grips of a deadly influenza pandemic.

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