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A person sitting on a stage smiles at someone else who is holding a microphone.
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Game Discovery Exhibition adds new Indigeneity and diaspora summit

The organizer of the ninth annual Game Discovery Exhibition wants to celebrate more people in gaming with a new summit on Indigeneity and diaspora, one of two tracks that tackle equity, diversity, and inclusion in the industry during the conference portion of the event.

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A person is photographed in a forest setting
arts indigenous

Magazine aims to amplify Indigenous writers and editors

The first issue of a digital literary magazine with a mandate to promote both established and emerging Indigenous writers and editors is readable online.

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Young people stand behind an enclosed sports court. Inside it are drones encased in globe-shaped cages and two ring-shaped goalposts.
technology indigenous

Papaschase First Nation explores drone soccer as a way to open doors

A security company owned by the Papaschase First Nation is using a drone soccer club to build STEM skills and generate interest in jobs as drone pilots in the security industry, as well as awareness about the nation itself.

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A newspaper clipping that reads "Recruiting problem at Camsell denied"
history indigenous

A moment in history: June 12, 1971

On this day in 1971, officials at the Charles Camsell Hospital were denying news reports that the institution was struggling to recruit new medical staff.

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Scott Jonathan Iserhoff and Svitlana Kravchuk in front of the mural at Bernadette's
food business

Bernadette's aims to raise profile of Indigenous cuisine in Edmonton

The owners of the forthcoming restaurant Bernadette's say their previous success with Pei Pei Chei Ow has allowed them to pursue their larger goal of increasing Indigenous representation within Edmonton's food scene — and to do it right in the core.

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The Royal Alberta Museum in downtown Edmonton.
region history

Returning Indigenous artifacts from RAM important but complicated, experts say

Experts say repatriation of artifacts from the Royal Alberta Museum is important for Indigenous nations. But repatriating artifacts is not as simple as asking for an item to be returned and museums or other organizations following through. Archaeologists say that's because of legislative requirements, security restraints, and the sheer number of artifacts.

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Nine students dig at three excavation sites at Historic River Lots 23 and 24 in St. Albert.
history region

Field school findings reveal pieces of St. Albert's Métis history

Dozens of beads, a French medicine bottle, and an artifact that pre-dates European contact are among the items unearthed by an archeological field school exploring the often overlooked history of Métis people in St. Albert.

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A woman stands at a podium on a circular stage, surrounded by an audience. Above them, two large panels read "Walking Forward Together" and "Explore Edmonton."
business region

Indigenous Tourism Strategy focuses on understanding, economic reconciliation

A new Indigenous tourism strategy from Explore Edmonton that's aimed at international travellers could be a step towards economic reconciliation, but observers note such work can also create unhealthy expectations unless Indigenous communities are in the driver's seat.

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A render of the new Warehouse Park
city council downtown

On the agenda: Indigenous Framework, Warehouse Park, and more

This week, a public hearing will take place on May 30. Community and public services committee will meet on May 31, urban planning committee will meet on June 1, and executive committee will meet on June 2.

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