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The future site of King Thunderbird Centre, or okimaw peyesew kamik, at 100 Street and 107A Avenue.
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Boyle Street move improves integration, inclusivity

Moves can be emotional and that includes when a social services organization vacates a building it occupied for 27 years, Elliott Tanti of Boyle Street Community Services told Taproot.

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A brick warehouse with a neon sign reading "Mercer" below an older painted sign that says "The Mercer Wholesale Ltd."
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Boyle Street relocation to Work Nicer space seen as mutually beneficial

It may seem odd for a business-oriented coworking space to offer its facilities to a social services agency in need of a new home, but for Work Nicer founder Alex Putici, it was completely aligned with his mission.

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Screenshots of the Transform app, featuring an image of a hijabi woman under the title "Success stories"
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Islamic Family and Social Services Association looks to tech for social progress

Edmonton's Islamic Family and Social Services Association (IFSSA) is moving beyond how non-profits typically work by using technology to better deliver its services. And it has hired Raj Rajakumar, the co-founder of Spontivly, to help it do so.

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C5 North East Community Hub
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This social-services experiment is working — could there be more?

The C5 North East Hub is unique in Edmonton, as a collaborative and comprehensive source of social services in an area that needs them. So far, it appears to be a success, but continued funding is not guaranteed, nor is it certain that there is an appetite for funding similar hubs elsewhere. That will be for future city councils to decide, which is a reason to take a closer look at the C5 experiment ahead of the municipal election on Oct. 18.

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