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A tree-lined trail in Edmonton's river valley
city council infrastructure

Calls for public engagement: Trees, zoning, and neighbourhood improvement

Here are some opportunities to offer your input to the City of Edmonton on various civic issues, such as renewal projects, service provision, and bylaws.

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People boarding and disembarking an LRT train at Health Sciences/Jubilee station
city council transit

On the agenda: A new park, esports, and transit safety

This week, there's a public hearing on April 3 and a city council meeting on April 4, with a continuation scheduled for April 5 if required.

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A newspaper clipping with the headline "3-Storey Zones Whyte Ave. Plan"
history city council

A moment in history: Dec. 7, 1945

On this day 77 years ago, Edmonton's city council was considering a cap on the height of new buildings along Whyte Avenue.

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Cover art for Speaking Municipally, featuring a cartoon turnip in front of Edmonton's City Hall
city council podcast

Speaking Municipally considers what's next for Boyle Street

Episode 201 of Taproot's civic affairs podcast takes a look at the subdivision and appeal board's decision to halt the proposed relocation of Boyle Street Community Services by revoking its development permit.

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