Bloom reflects on awards and previews investment summit

Bloom reflects on awards and previews investment summit

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Episode 37 of Bloom looks back at the ASTech Awards and looks ahead to Startup TNT's next investment summit.

The breadth and depth of the work that Technology Alberta honoured at the 33rd annual ASTech Awards impressed co-host Faaiza Ramji.

"We're working on really big stuff around here," she said. "And I just love the fact that we're able to showcase it."

She and co-host Karen Unland also commented on the five Edmonton companies that will be pitching at Startup TNT's Investment Summit VI on Nov. 17.

Two have been featured on previous episodes of Bloom: Umay, which was on Episode 30, and Kidney-Chek, which was on Episode 36. The other three are Electronic Grid Systems, 48Hour Discovery, and

Like the ASTech Awards, Startup TNT's investment summits are a showcase for innovative work in Edmonton. But they also address the other side of the table, educating new investors so they know what to ask and feel comfortable writing cheques, Ramji said.

"I think what Startup TNT is doing is very helpful for both sides of the equation. If we want to keep more companies here, then we need to give them reasons, and one of those reasons is definitely capital."

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