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Chris Robson holds a microphone and a picture of the Walterdale Bridge, flanked by a smiling Mike Wilson and Meghan Dear
business technology

Wyvern among winners at YEG Startup Community Awards

A company that successfully launched a satellite into space was recognized as the "Most Edmonton Startup of the Year" at the third annual YEG Startup Community Awards on May 10.

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Portraits of the six finalists for Connector of the Year
technology business

Voting opens for YEG Startup Community Awards

Voting has begun for the "people's choice" categories in the YEG Startup Community Awards, an annual event organized by business people, students, and "YEG Superfans" to celebrate success within Edmonton's startup ecosystem.

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Cover art for Taproot Edmonton's Bloom, brought to you by Edmonton Unlimited
bloom podcast

Bloom reflects on awards and previews investment summit

Episode 37 of Taproot's podcast on innovation in Edmonton looks back at the ASTech Awards and looks ahead to Startup TNT's next investment summit.

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Round tables full of people watch an awards presentation
technology innovation

ASTech Awards recognize wide range of innovators

A long-running awards ceremony that almost didn't happen doled out 42 honours to leaders in science and technology in Alberta in front of a sellout crowd, with 22 of the awards going to Edmonton-area innovators.

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Portraits of Jennifer Schaeffer and Vanessa Marshall
business awards

Onlea Enterprises and Jack59 honoured at AWE Awards

Two Edmonton entrepreneurs were among those honoured at the 2022 AWE Awards, presented by Alberta Women Entrepreneurs.

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Two young men stand, one with his arm around the other's shoulders, on a city street
health awards

Twin med students receive international honour

Twin brothers from Edmonton have received the Diana Award, an honour bestowed in memory of the late Diana, Princess of Wales, to young people who have inspired others to serve their communities and create global change.

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Craig Knox accepts DrugBank's award surrounded by a crowd at Poppy Barley
technology health

DrugBank continues winning streak at YEG Community Startup Awards

DrugBank was awarded "Most Edmonton Startup of the Year" at the second annual YEG Startup Community Awards on May 19.

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Emmet Michael accepts the Edmonton Music Prize on March 22
arts music

Awards season brings accolades for Edmonton artists

Local arts are recognized for the Edmonton Music Prize, the Edmonton Film Prize, and at the Country Music Alberta Awards.

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A collage of slides from the Canadian Institute of Planners awards ceremony video on July 15, 2021
city council region

Edmonton wins planning awards for open option parking and City Plan

A national association of planners has recognized Edmonton for its shift away from mandatory minimum parking and for its new City Plan's commitment to compact growth.

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