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Small sacks of tools, with cards affixed reading "Edmonton Tool Library"
social enterprise homelessness

Surplus tools find a home with Housing First participants

The Edmonton Tool Library has teamed up with Find Edmonton to equip people moving out of homelessness with a few items to help them turn a house into a home.

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A storefront of a coffee shop with large windows facing the street behind a wood countertop
food business

Fawkes Coffee and Doughnuts pop-up aims for permanence

When Jorel and Mikayla Pepin first toured the Great West Saddlery Building on 104 Street, they saw their future. They hope their pop-up coffee shop, Fawkes Coffee & Doughnuts, is just the beginning.

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Evan Pearce sits at a computer, working on the image of a flying saucer, with virtual reality equipment on the desk in front of him
arts technology

Extended-reality artist makes the most of pandemic pause

Digital creator Evan Pearce says the pandemic gave him a much-needed reset, and a creative flourishing has followed.

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Two peaked metal structures in front of a stand of trees, with a big sky above
region food

Anohka Distillery looks forward to Alberta on the Plate

The award-winning Anohka Distillery in Parkland County is participating for the first time in Alberta on the Plate, a 10-day celebration of local food and drink.

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A screen capture of a video with a student in the top-left corner, beside a cartoon of a sleeping brain above the words "Sleep Apnea Guardian" and a chart showing a drop in breathing during sleep
health technology

Neuroscience hackathon yields sleep apnea detector

An affordable and non-invasive way to detect sleep apnea is among the projects that emerged from natHACKS 2022, NeurAlbertaTech's second annual neuroscience hackathon.

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A crowd of happy people stand in front of a bus, one holding a rainbow umbrella aloft
history lgbtq2s+

Edmonton Queer History Project looks to grow

After selling out all of its downtown tours this summer, the Edmonton Queer History Project (EQHP) is looking to expand to different areas in the city, starting with Old Strathcona.

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Portraits of Celia Taylor, Joseph Halden, Bruce Cinnamon, and Domini Gee
arts technology

Story City announces a new slate of adventures

Story City's call for Edmonton stories earlier this year has resulted in a fresh batch of interactive experiences set to hit the app on Aug. 5.

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A semi truck with the banner "oversize load" on the front drives past sensor equipment at an inspection station along a highway
region climate

Clean Air Strategic Alliance aims to find out what trucks are emitting

Machines will be shooting beams of light through the exhaust plumes of heavy-duty trucks along Alberta highways this summer to measure emissions, gathering the last bits of data needed for a report on how to reduce the environmental impact of the transportation sector.

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Two young men stand, one with his arm around the other's shoulders, on a city street
health awards

Twin med students receive international honour

Twin brothers from Edmonton have received the Diana Award, an honour bestowed in memory of the late Diana, Princess of Wales, to young people who have inspired others to serve their communities and create global change.

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