Recent stories about homelessness

Four people sit behind a table with podcasting equipment.
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Homelessness is a feature, not bug, of Canada's housing system, researcher says

Homelessness is an expected outcome of the country's housing system, according to the research lead at a University of Alberta housing lab.

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Hands that appear to belong to an older woman point to the phrase "Circle of Friends" with several dot stickers under it.
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On the agenda: Homelessness, renaming, and Ride Transit

This week, council committees will discuss an updated plan to end homelessness, recommendations from the city's naming committee, and a growing budget shortfall for the Ride Transit program.

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Coun. Tim Cartmell in council chambers.
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Cartmell to push for social agencies to prove value

An Edmonton city councillor wants to use data to track whether homeless-serving organizations that receive city money are improving people's lives, but some in the sector question the effectiveness of more data collection and reporting.

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A photo of colourful tarps, several bikes in disrepair and a person with a cart show a homeless encampment in Edmonton.
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Homeless reception centre generates big numbers as well as 'abject misery': advocate

The United Conservative Party government describes its recently-launched homeless reception centre as a success, but some advocates for people without housing strongly disagree.

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A sign that reads "Exploring Edmonton? We'll get you started."
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On the agenda: Homelessness emergency, Explore Edmonton, public spaces bylaw

City council continues to meet virtually this week. Council will discuss actions following its declaration of a homelessness emergency, as well as the public spaces bylaw and further financial assistance for Explore Edmonton.

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A group of people stand on the side of a road holding signs. One reads "Housing is a Human Right"; another reads "Shelters Are Not A Home."
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The numbers and realities of Edmonton's shelter system

Here's a look at what we know about the supply of shelter space and the factors that affect demand.

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A brick warehouse with a neon sign reading "Mercer" below an older painted sign that says "The Mercer Wholesale Ltd."
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Boyle Street relocation to Work Nicer space seen as mutually beneficial

It may seem odd for a business-oriented coworking space to offer its facilities to a social services agency in need of a new home, but for Work Nicer founder Alex Putici, it was completely aligned with his mission.

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A map showing the four temporary locations housing Boyle Street's services
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Boyle Street solution seen as heartening but puzzling

Speaking Municipally takes a look at Boyle Street Community Services' move to four temporary locations while it waits for its new facility to be finished next fall.

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A person lays a flower among many others on a sculpture of a faceless figure, hunched over in a doorway.
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Homeless Memorial Service remembers, grieves, and honours

More than 200 people gathered on June 7 to remember 156 Edmontonians who died due to homelessness in 2022.

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