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A screenshot taken from The U.S. Climate Vulnerability Index showing Houston and its Arrow phenomenon.
technology business

Darkhorse Analytics visualizes U.S. climate vulnerability

An Edmonton-based data visualization company has launched a new interactive map on climate vulnerability around the U.S. that aims to equip policymakers and communities with actionable insights.

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A chart showing Edmonton's total crime rate per 100,000 people, with an 11.3% increase between 2021 and 2022 but levels that remain lower than 2016 to 2019
police podcast

Podcast questions presentation of police data

The Edmonton Police Service raised the alarm about an increase in violent crime based on newly released data for 2022, but Episode 218 of Speaking Municipally had questions about those numbers.

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A screenshot of a Google Map showing the bike paths added to Street View by Eugene Chen
city council technology

Project adds hundreds of kilometres of bike paths to Google Street View

With the help of funding from a Community-Based Budgeting Project created by two city councillors, Eugene Chen has added more than 500 kilometres of Edmonton bike paths to Google Street View. Now he is hoping to keep the project going by enlisting the help of community groups and volunteers.

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Two rows of black server racks in a room
technology health

Data can be unlocked without breaching privacy, say innovation proponents

Alberta has an opportunity to modernize its laws in a way that makes valuable data more accessible to innovators and entrepreneurs without breaching privacy, say proponents of the innovation economy.

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Joshua Kirsch and Dustin Bajer stand in front of trees in the Edmonton Urban Farm
region trees

Project looks to map saplings given to Alberta first-graders

For more than 60 years, the government of Alberta has distributed nearly 70,000 tree saplings to Grade 1 students during Alberta Forest Week. Now two local tree enthusiasts want your help to map those generations of lodgepole pine and white spruce.

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A bar chart comparing the light-trap counts of 10 species of mosquito in Edmonton, with Aedes vexans the most populous in mid-August, followed by Culiseta inornata
city council data

Data shows the ebb and flow of mosquito season

You've probably never swatted a mosquito and stopped to ask yourself if it was a Culex or an Ochlerotatus, but that is one of the considerations guiding Edmonton's ever evolving pest control program.

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A stacked column chart showing estimated roadway lane kilometres in Edmonton from 2010 to 2022, with a big jump from 2021 to 2022, largely due to alleyways being included
city council snow

Apparent jump in snow-clearing kilometres not all that it seems

Earlier this year, city administration reported that the snow removal budget had gone down 14% since 2017, while during the same time there was a 21% increase in roadway lane kilometres being serviced. But how has Edmonton added a fifth of its lanes to the network in a single budget cycle? The answer has more to do with what is being counted than with how Edmonton has grown.

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A smiling Eugene Chen standing outside with Edmonton's skyline behind him
technology data

Developer turns data into 'useful and magical things'

After a decade of creating data visualizations for Darkhorse Analytics, Eugene Chen is on to the next chapter of his career, having delivered one more wow-inducing piece of work: This is Edmonton.

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