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A bar chart comparing the light-trap counts of 10 species of mosquito in Edmonton, with Aedes vexans the most populous in mid-August, followed by Culiseta inornata

Data shows the ebb and flow of mosquito season

You've probably never swatted a mosquito and stopped to ask yourself if it was a Culex or an Ochlerotatus, but that is one of the considerations guiding Edmonton's ever evolving pest control program.

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A stacked column chart showing estimated roadway lane kilometres in Edmonton from 2010 to 2022, with a big jump from 2021 to 2022, largely due to alleyways being included

Apparent jump in snow-clearing kilometres not all that it seems

Earlier this year, city administration reported that the snow removal budget had gone down 14% since 2017, while during the same time there was a 21% increase in roadway lane kilometres being serviced. But how has Edmonton added a fifth of its lanes to the network in a single budget cycle? The answer has more to do with what is being counted than with how Edmonton has grown.

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A smiling Eugene Chen standing outside with Edmonton's skyline behind him

Developer turns data into 'useful and magical things'

After a decade of creating data visualizations for Darkhorse Analytics, Eugene Chen is on to the next chapter of his career, having delivered one more wow-inducing piece of work: This is Edmonton.

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