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Coun. Michael Janz, dressed in sandals, shorts and a T-shirt, gestures at a row of four electric cargo bikes.
city council cycling

Secure parking considered as e-bike popularity grows

Edmontonians are clamouring to become electric-bike users, says Coun. Michael Janz, but they'll need more secure parking to keep their pricey pedals safe.

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A man looks at a sign on Jasper Avenue
city council budget

On the agenda: Jasper Avenue, downtown safety, and urban trees

This week, a public hearing will take place on June 12, and city council will meet on June 13 and 14. Here are some of the key items on the agenda.

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A conceptual diagram showing multi-unit buildings among single-family homes in a neighbourhood
city council zoning

Calls for public engagement: Zoning bylaw and neighbourhood renewals

Here are some opportunities to offer your input on various civic issues in Edmonton, including neighbourhood renewal in Hillview, Overlanders, and Homesteader, and the Zoning Bylaw Renewal Initiative.

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A screenshot from a flyover animation showing a section of Yellowhead Trail with an underpass for 121 Street and 107 Street
city council planning

Calls for public engagement: Edmonton, Strathcona County, and Spruce Grove

Here are some opportunities to offer your input on various civic issues in the metro region, including a preliminary design for a stretch of Yellowhead Trail, agriculture in Strathcona County, and community standards in Spruce Grove.

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A newspaper clipping with the headline "Plan Last Passenger Run On Historic Rail Link"
history railways

A moment in history: May 31, 1952

On this day 71 years ago, Edmonton's littlest railway was preparing to see its final passenger train.

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A tree-lined trail in Edmonton's river valley
city council infrastructure

Calls for public engagement: Trees, zoning, and neighbourhood improvement

Here are some opportunities to offer your input to the City of Edmonton on various civic issues, such as renewal projects, service provision, and bylaws.

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A graphic describing the elements of healthy and safe communities, including active transportation, recreation, and mobility, plus healthy food environments and social connections, at the levels of neighbourhood, site, and building
health infrastructure

Conference explores what it takes to build a healthy city

Experts from around the world will gather in Edmonton at the end of May to discuss how to build places that are healthier to live in at the Fit Cities Fit Towns Conference.

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A newspaper clipping with the headline "Town Approves Hospital Plan"
history infrastructure

A moment in history: May 17, 1955

On this day 68 years ago, the town of Jasper Place was trying to secure healthcare for its booming population.

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A bar chart showing how capital funding to municipalities under the Local Government Fiscal Framework is less than the 12-year average of previous funding regimes
region infrastructure

Budget falls short on infrastructure deficit, municipalities say

While Alberta's 2023 budget upped spending significantly, it leaves municipalities with a lingering infrastructure deficit that won't be erased by the incoming fiscal framework, says Alberta Municipalities.

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