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Garbage at an entrance to Central LRT station in downtown Edmonton.
city council business

On the agenda: Night mayor, lights for bikes, cleaning the core

This week, councillors are set to discuss a nighttime economy strategy, upgrades for lights on active transportation routes, and enhanced cleaning services in the core.

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A bicycle is locked with other bicycles at a bike rack on a street in Edmonton.
active transportation old strathcona

City invests in better bike parking at schools, but reaching it remains tough

The City of Edmonton has set aside $75,000 for schools and other organizations to improve bike parking, but some cyclists suggest challenges remain to feel safe riding to those new spots.

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A person rides a bike on a shared-use path in Edmonton.
city council active transportation

Ten routes mark first bike projects from $100M investment

More than a year after Edmonton's city council voted to invest $100 million to build active transportation infrastructure, the city has announced 10 routes spanning 17 kilometres that it will build in 2024 as part of the project.

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A newspaper clipping of a letter to the editor with the headline "Bicycle paths"
history cycling

A moment in history: Oct. 18, 1973

On this day 50 years ago, one Grandview Heights resident was calling for bike lanes in the city.

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Coun. Michael Janz, dressed in sandals, shorts and a T-shirt, gestures at a row of four electric cargo bikes.
city council cycling

Secure parking considered as e-bike popularity grows

Edmontonians are clamouring to become electric-bike users, says Coun. Michael Janz, but they'll need more secure parking to keep their pricey pedals safe.

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A newspaper clipping of an ad for W.T. Henry & Co., advertising some bicycle models for $85 to $115
history cycling

A moment in history: April 26, 1897

On this day 126 years ago, Edmonton businesses were cashing in from cyclists during the bicycle boom.

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A man wearing a red jacket riding a bicycle in the winter with snow surrounding the bike lane
city council budget

Budget deliberations continue following $100M for Edmonton Bike Plan

Voting on more than 60 amendments to the proposed 2023-2026 capital budget began on Friday, with city council approving $100 million for the implementation of the Edmonton Bike Plan.

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A screenshot of a Google Map showing the bike paths added to Street View by Eugene Chen
city council technology

Project adds hundreds of kilometres of bike paths to Google Street View

With the help of funding from a Community-Based Budgeting Project created by two city councillors, Eugene Chen has added more than 500 kilometres of Edmonton bike paths to Google Street View. Now he is hoping to keep the project going by enlisting the help of community groups and volunteers.

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Cover art for Speaking Municipally, featuring a cartoon turnip in front of Edmonton's City Hall
city council transportation

Speaking Municipally considers proposed bike lane expansion

Episode 192 of Taproot's civic affairs podcast takes a look at urban planning committee's decision to consider a couple of options for rapidly expanding Edmonton's bike lane network.

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