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Four people cut a ribbon in front a CarbinX unit in a boiler room
climate non-profits

Alberta Ecotrust installs carbon-capture technology at non-profits

An assisted-living facility in central Edmonton is the first of four non-profit buildings across the province to be fitted with carbon-capture technology that aims to both reduce energy costs and decrease emissions.

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A smiling Jackie DeCoteau-Gill sits on a branch. She is wearing a ribbon skirt and a beaded bracelet.
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Non-profit aims to create Indigenous end-of-life care centre

Jackie DeCoteau-Gill is heading to the final round of the Pow Wow Pitch competition on Oct. 19, where she'll have a chance to win $25,000 to help build an Indigenous end-of-life care centre in Edmonton.

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The door of Bike Edmonton with a notice posted on it, and a closeup of the notice from the Alberta Labour Relations Board indicating a unionization effort.
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Bike Edmonton unionization part of a wave of non-profit labour-organizing

With the employees of Bike Edmonton unanimously voting to unionize, the shop has joined a growing trend of labour organizing within non-profits in Alberta.

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A large crowd inspects bikes in an underground parkade.
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Alberta Bike Swap returns with family-friendly addition

A popular event that gives cyclists a chance to buy and sell bikes without the hassles of online marketplaces is returning to Edmonton, this time with plans to include children's bikes, too.

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