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Two women and a man holding a young child stand on a blue rubber playground base, with play structures and trees behind them.
history playgrounds

Podcast explores the serious work of places to play

Playground design has changed a lot over Edmonton's history, but regardless of the equipment, the essence of the space is the way it builds community, say experts consulted during Let's Find Out's quest for the city's best park for kids.

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A play structure made of faux logs with stairs, ladders, and a slide, surrounded by pea gravel
history parks

Podcast seeks Edmonton's best playground, past or present

What's your favourite Edmonton playground? Let's Find Out wants your help to answer a listener's question.

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Balfour Manor from the front with snow on the ground and two bare trees in front
city council parks

On the agenda: National urban park, assisted snow removal, and Balfour Manor

This week, city council will have its final meetings before the summer break. Items on the agenda include the National Urban Park initiative, an assisted snow removal program, and an addition to the historic Balfour Manor in Oliver.

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A colourfully painted crosswalk on a residential street
engagement city council

Calls for public engagement: Vision Zero Street Labs and Beaumont innovation park

Here are some opportunities to offer your input on various civic issues, including traffic-calming in McKernan and Northmount, pop-up dog parks, and Beaumont's proposed innovation park.

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An image of a map from the City of Edmonton archives. Long, skinny lots along the river are visible
history podcast

Podcast explores intersection of river lots and parks

Edmonton's river valley is a cherished nature getaway for many Edmontonians. Canada's largest contiguous area of urban parkland didn't come about by accident, as Episode 65 of Let's Find Out demonstrates.

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An aerial view of the Northeast River Valley Park, featuring two covered bridges connecting an island to the shores
city council parks

Podcast welcomes arrival of Northeast River Valley Park

Episode 222 of Speaking Municipally welcomed the newly announced Northeast River Valley Park and looked at how the land, which had been privately owned, came into the city's possession.

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Danielle Soneff stands in a parking lot with skyscrapers behind her, while Isla Tanaka stands in a snowy community park
podcast winter

Downtown park presents chance to get winter-city design right

Warehouse Park offers Edmonton an opportunity to learn from the mistakes of the past when it comes to designing for winter, says an industrial designer who is studying how to make it inviting year-round.

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Two workers install a sign at an Edmonton park picnic site
city council housing

On the agenda: Affordable housing, alcohol in parks, and the Edmonton Elks

This week, community and public services committee meets on Feb. 27, urban planning committee meets on Feb. 28 (though there was nothing on the agenda as of Feb. 26), and executive committee meets on March 1. There are also two meetings scheduled for March 3: a council services committee meeting in the morning, and a code of conduct subcommittee meeting in the afternoon.

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A brightly coloured playground structure behind the splash of a spray park
city council parks

New funding scheme aims to make park development more equitable

Proposed changes to the way Edmonton funds community parks are intended to distribute amenities more equitably, but some worry the changes will remove valuable community-building opportunities and put further pressure on the budget.

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