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Former mayor Don Iveson addresses reporters in 2014.
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Podcasters discuss the end of EndPovertyEdmonton

Though poverty hasn't ended, the City of Edmonton is nonetheless slowly retiring EndPovertyEdmonton by throttling down the money it provides, said the hosts of Episode 253 of Speaking Municipally.

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Cover art for Speaking Municipally, featuring a cartoon turnip in front of Edmonton's City Hall
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Speaking Municipally considers what's next for Boyle Street

Episode 201 of Taproot's civic affairs podcast takes a look at the subdivision and appeal board's decision to halt the proposed relocation of Boyle Street Community Services by revoking its development permit.

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Cans of fruit and vegetable in boxes in the warehouse of Edmonton's Food Bank
city council food

Gleaning not enough to solve food insecurity, says youth council

Edmonton needs to stop relying on "band-aid solutions" to food insecurity and create the conditions to allow people to get enough to eat, says the City of Edmonton Youth Council.

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Three scanned in copies of newspapers from 2005, 2009, and 2011
history media

Alberta Street News preserved for future generations

Back issues of Alberta Street News and its predecessor, Edmonton Street News, have been digitally preserved, ensuring the history of a newspaper born to give a voice and income to marginalized people will live on.

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