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A chart showing a trend up and to the right indicating that the more times a waterworks systems runs a test for bacteria, the more positive results it will get
technology business

Water-testing startup finds its flow

Named for a Farsi word meaning "bright," Edmonton's Roshan Water Solutions is commercializing a novel water-testing technology that its founders hope will save lives.

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A newspaper clipping featuring a series of short items under the headline Edmonton in Brief
history infrastructure

A moment in history: Oct. 5, 1914

On this day 108 years ago, the City of Edmonton was under a court order to clean up its act when it came to dumping sewage into the North Saskatchewan River.

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High water on the North Saskatchewan River looking towards the Rossdale power plant
climate water

Protecting Edmonton's water supply from climate change uncertainty

In much of Alberta, climate change threatens to make water a scarce resource. But for Edmonton's water supply, the main concerns will come from having too much rather than not enough.

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Water bottle filling station
water climate change

Five temporary water stations are now operational as part of Edmonton's extreme weather response

Five temporary water bottle filling stations have been installed around Edmonton as part of a new pilot project aiming to keep vulnerable people safe during hot weather.

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