Calls for public engagement: Edgemont park, housing, missing links

Calls for public engagement: Edgemont park, housing, missing links

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Here are opportunities to help inform municipal planning for parks, water, housing, and more. Please only answer surveys from municipalities where you are a resident.

  • Edgemont Community Park Development — The City of Edmonton is currently planning a community park in the Edgemont neighbourhood. The park site will eventually also have a public K-9 school, set to open in September 2027. Residents can view project information and complete a survey that will help develop a vision and design options until July 5.
  • Water Use and Summer Watering Survey — Strathcona County wants to better understand how its residents use water and how they might differ from other municipalities. Residents are invited to complete a survey about their water practices and outdoor usage until July 9.
  • Housing Strategy — The City of Spruce Grove is developing a housing strategy to help meet housing goals and inform future land use and development. Administration previously completed a housing needs assessment. Residents are now invited to answer a survey until July 15.
  • Missing Links 2024Paths For People is running its second crowd-sourced campaign to identify missing sidewalk and cycling connections across Edmonton. As in the inaugural 2019 campaign, results will be shared with city administration to identify where investments should be made. The survey will be open until July 28.

More input opportunities

Photo: Paths for People invites residents to help identify missing links in Edmonton's active transportation system, including crosswalks. In 2019, data from the campaign helped create a map of gaps and supported advocacy efforts, the group said. (Mack Male/Flickr)