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Knives for sale inside a retail display, with a note attached to the glass reading "PLEASE CLOSE KNIFE DISPLAY WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED GRABBING PRODUCT"
city council engagement

Calls for public engagement: Knife sales, Wagner Road, St. Albert mobility

Here are opportunities to help shape municipal decision-making about public safety, street safety, mobility, and more. Please only complete surveys if you are part of the target audience or a resident of the affected municipality.

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A group of K-6 children entering a marked crosswalk in front of a school
engagement region

Calls for public engagement: Glenwood, Brander Gardens

Here are opportunities to inform city planning about neighbourhood and alley renewals in Glenwood and street safety in Brander Gardens.

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A woman smiles at another person outside of a storefront decorated with balloons, with a sign for Knowsy Fest on the door
health transit

Listening project to gauge sense of well-being at transit centres

An unorthodox research initiative called Auricle is returning to Edmonton this year to learn more about how safe and well people feel in transit centres.

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A performer on stilts with an inflatable flamingo surrounded by a crowd with City Hall in the background
arts events

StreetFest prioritizes safety for 2023 edition

The Edmonton International Street Performers Festival and The Works Art & Design Festival have teamed up for a second year at Churchill Square, with safety for everyone top of mind.

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Several Edmonton police officers on bicycles in Churchill Square with the Edmonton Public Library in the background
city council safety

On the agenda: Community and transit safety, encampments and housing, and more

This week, city council will hold its final full meeting before the summer break, on July 4. Updates on the Community Safety and Well-Being Strategy and the Edmonton Transit System Safety Plan are among the agenda items.

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Three members of the Community Outreach Transit Team wearing masks and uniforms in an LRT station
city council transit

On the agenda: Transit safety, community revitalization levies, and the Edmonton Research Park

This week, community and public services committee will meet on March 20, urban planning committee meets on March 21, and executive committee will meet on March 22. Recruitment for various boards and committees continues with a non-regular meeting of community and public services committee on March 24.

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A chart showing the number of control tactic reports and occurrences from 2018 to 2022 and a table showing the percentage change from year to year
city council police

Edmonton police stats show increase in use of force

Members of the Edmonton Police Service used force in the first half of this year 7% more often than they did during the same period last year, continuing an upward trend that dates back to at least 2018.

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A woman wearing a T-shirt that reads "I (heart) YEG Chinatown" behind a crowd on a tour
podcast chinatown

Chinatown 'like a wound that we all have,' says advocate

A mother is only as happy as her saddest child, says Hon Leong of the Chinatown Transformation Collaborative (CTC). If Edmonton is the mother, Chinatown is that unhappiest child.

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A transit peace officer with the words "Community Outreach" on his back, beside a worker from Bent Arrow with an Edmonton Transit bus in the background
city council transit

Bylaw amendment latest in flurry of actions to address transit safety

An amendment giving bylaw and peace officers more authority to remove people from the transit system for loitering or using drugs is the latest action in a series of efforts aimed at curtailing crime and perceived threats to safety downtown through law enforcement.

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