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Side-by-side portraits of drag queen Pheromone Killz and chef Bri Campbell
food arts

Drag and food collide during Pride at Sashay, Fillet!

An event that pairs chefs with drag performers to raise money for a queer cause is coming to Edmonton for the first time this month.

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A blue neon sign with the word FLASHBACK inside a circle, beside a few of several neon signs on the side of a large brick building
history downtown

Flashback, baby! It's the Summer of Pride

As part of Edmonton's Summer of Pride, the beacon that adorned the famous Flashback nightclub will be added to the Neon Sign Museum downtown.

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A top-down view of a room with people at tables using laptops
history pride

Wikipedia Edit-a-thon aims to increase visibility of Edmonton's queer history

The Edmonton Queer History Project (EQHP) is partnering with Art+Feminism to write Edmonton's queer histories into the books — or at least into the pages of Wikipedia.

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