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A colourful and circular array of information about the genetic structure of a mathanotroph called Gammaproteobacteria
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SynBioBlox seeks $1.5M to turn methane into sustainable jet fuel

An Edmonton-based company is seeking a $1.5 million investment to commercialize its process to engineer bacteria to transform waste methane into greener jet fuel.

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A newspaper clipping with the headline "Dinosaur Bone 6,000,000 Years Old Being Uncovered in River Valley Here" with a picture of a large bone and discoverer C.C. Moller
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A moment in history: May 3, 1941

On this day 82 years ago, an amateur paleontologist was unearthing what appeared to be a massive dinosaur fossil in Edmonton's river valley.

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A large winged insect sits in the palm of a man's hand
science nature

Cicadas: The loudest insects you've never seen

Cicadas help create the buzzing soundscape of the city on hot summer nights, but the insects themselves are a rare sight.

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An array of G2V lights on a rack
bloom podcast

G2V Optics goes where the light takes it

When G2V Optics was born in 2015, it seemed like its destiny lay with indoor farming — after all, what better use of "engineered sunlight" than to grow things? As it turned out, the better use case for the company's technology was in areas such as photovoltaic research and aerospace. Learn more on Episode 21 of Bloom.

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A bar chart comparing the light-trap counts of 10 species of mosquito in Edmonton, with Aedes vexans the most populous in mid-August, followed by Culiseta inornata
city council data

Data shows the ebb and flow of mosquito season

You've probably never swatted a mosquito and stopped to ask yourself if it was a Culex or an Ochlerotatus, but that is one of the considerations guiding Edmonton's ever evolving pest control program.

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Steve Siciliano holds a thin tube of metal in the air, with a projector screen in the background
technology cleantech

'Saving the soils will save the world': EMS secures $250K investment

Environmental Material Science Inc.'s soil remediation technology is gaining traction across the Prairies, as it prepares to continue fundraising after securing at least $250,000 at Startup TNT's Cleantech Investment Summit at the beginning of April.

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