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city council budget

Robar says he's keen to help city understand costs

Edmonton's interim city manager Eddie Robar told the hosts of Episode 262 of Speaking Municipally that he doesn't plan to merely warm the seat while city council looks for a permanent replacement for Andre Corbould, who resigned in March.

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Bill 20 offers power to accelerate housing through property tax breaks

While Bill 20 has drawn heat for changes to local governance and elections in Alberta, it also contains measures that will for the first time allow municipalities to offer property-tax breaks or deferments for up to 15 years on all residential properties.

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podcast city council

Podcasters unpack 8.9% property tax increase

Edmonton City Council's decision to approve an 8.9% increase to property taxes "shocked" the hosts of Episode 261 of Speaking Municipally.

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E-scooters in downtown Edmonton.
city council arts

On the agenda: Citadel, e-scooters, entertainment district

This week, city council will discuss a proposed new lease with the Citadel Theatre, who will operate our e-scooters and e-bikes, and the proposed downtown entertainment district.

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podcast city council

Podcasters ponder what's properly part of proposed tax increase

City administration's proposal to increase 2024 property taxes from 6.6% to 8.7% might be traced back to a tax freeze during the pandemic and the provincial government's unpaid property taxes, the hosts of Episode 259 of Speaking Municipally said.

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An artist rendering of a proposed development in McKernan-Belgravia
city council development

On the agenda: Land development, property tax bylaw, and a transit-oriented building

This week, a public hearing will take place on April 24 and city council will meet on April 25. A non-regular city council meeting has been scheduled for April 28, but no agenda has been published.

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A bar chart showing the change in civic department spending, population, and inflation from 2012 through 2021
city council taxes

On the agenda: Taxes, screen industry, and civic spending

This week, audit committee will meet on Feb. 13 and executive committee will meet on Feb. 15. Here are some of the key items on the agenda:

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Speaking Municipally: Episode 119
podcast taxes

Speaking Municipally: Episode 119

Hosts Troy Pavlek and Mack Male are joined by City of Edmonton tax experts Cate Watt and Anton Szabo to discuss two tax-related reports considered by city council's executive committee recently.

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