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Shayne Giles is Red River Métis and proudly Non-binary. They’ve been an active community journalist in Edmonton’s Indigenous and 2SLGBTQIA+ circles for years, having recently graduated from MacEwan University’s Journalism program. Previously the host of CJSR’s Indigenous current events podcast acimowin and current host of CKUA’s This Music Changed My Life, Shayne knows the value of community and the impact that reliable and uplifting coverage can have.

Recent work by Shayne

A colourful and circular array of information about the genetic structure of a mathanotroph called Gammaproteobacteria
technology business

SynBioBlox seeks $1.5M to turn methane into sustainable jet fuel

An Edmonton-based company is seeking a $1.5 million investment to commercialize its process to engineer bacteria to transform waste methane into greener jet fuel.

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A dark map of downtown Edmonton with yellow pins representing major development projects
business downtown

Business association gathers downtown developments in one place

The Edmonton Downtown Business Association is now tracking major downtown developments on its website, with a current list of 29 projects valued at more than $4 billion.

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A light rail vehicle on the tracks with wires overhead
podcast transit

Podcast explores potential silver lining to latest Valley Line LRT delay

The Valley Line Southeast LRT is facing yet another potential delay after TransEd said it will proactively replace 140 kilometres of oxidized and corroded signal cables prior to the line's opening, a process which is expected to take anywhere from six to eight weeks.

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An oil painting in grey tones of a mustachioed musketeer
arts downtown

Harcourt House secures $100K donation but needs more time

Harcourt House is celebrating a $100,000 donation to help it buy its building, but it is asking for three more years to raise the rest of what it needs.

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A four-by-six grid of abstract works, many of them featuring circles, radiating lines, and/or columns of colour
arts technology

Latitude 53 explores intersection of AI and art

At a time when AI is generally seen as negative for artists, Latitude 53 is hosting a virtual exhibit that explores artificial intelligence as a source of inspiration and collaboration.

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Two men, one in a blue suit and the other in a black sweater, smile and shake hands in front of a banner that reads "Alberta Ecotrust"
climate business

Partnership delivers energy retrofits to multi-unit buildings

Two west Edmonton residential buildings with a total of 165 units are receiving energy retrofits as part of a new partnership between the Alberta Ecotrust Foundation and Toronto's Efficiency Capital.

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An image of a map from the City of Edmonton archives. Long, skinny lots along the river are visible
history podcast

Podcast explores intersection of river lots and parks

Edmonton's river valley is a cherished nature getaway for many Edmontonians. Canada's largest contiguous area of urban parkland didn't come about by accident, as Episode 65 of Let's Find Out demonstrates.

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A blue neon sign with the word FLASHBACK inside a circle, beside a few of several neon signs on the side of a large brick building
history downtown

Flashback, baby! It's the Summer of Pride

As part of Edmonton's Summer of Pride, the beacon that adorned the famous Flashback nightclub will be added to the Neon Sign Museum downtown.

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A top-down view of a room with people at tables using laptops
history pride

Wikipedia Edit-a-thon aims to increase visibility of Edmonton's queer history

The Edmonton Queer History Project (EQHP) is partnering with Art+Feminism to write Edmonton's queer histories into the books — or at least into the pages of Wikipedia.

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