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Newspaper clippings showing a picture of Bill Wilson in a suit and tie, standing in front of the Garneau Theatre, beside a story about his retirement
history architecture

A moment in history: March 29, 1971

On this day 52 years ago, credits rolled on the career of Bill Wilson, the longtime manager of the Garneau Theatre, which plays a big role in Edmonton's cinematic and architectural history.

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A female singer clad in bedazzled white western wear makes finger guns at the audience from the stage at 9910.
arts business

Moonlighting in cover bands helps musicians make ends meet

For musician Clint Frazier and his collaborators, cover shows like Twain Gretzky Overdrive are a way to achieve the ends of both art and commerce. They'll do it again on April 6 with YO ABBA ABBA!, a tribute to Swedish disco icons ABBA.

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Two women sit in upholstered chairs, reading magazines, while surrounded by equipment for a video shoot
business arts

Maggie aims to help more women practice being themselves

The founders of Maggie are looking to create an online platform to empower women around the world, using the same practice they've developed in Edmonton to help themselves.

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A bronze sculpture of a bison standing on a rock beside another sculpture of a man sitting on a pile of bison hides, surrounded by a shipping container, tanks, and wooden pallets
arts podcast

Podcast covers sequel to public art controversy

Episode 211 of Speaking Municipally updates a public art story that Taproot's civic affairs podcast has been paying attention to since June 2021.

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A newspaper clipping with the headline "New Releases by Haas, Sveen"
history music

A moment in history: Feb. 22, 1972

On this day 51 years ago, Edmonton polka master Gaby Haas was releasing an album, another addition to a discography that would make him one of Canada's most recorded musicians.

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Various pieces of framed abstract art hung on a wall
arts events

Open Walls brings 'beautiful chaos' to Bleeding Heart's new home

After a three-year hiatus, Bleeding Heart Art Space has once again opened its walls to original work by local artists of all kinds, this time in its new home in Highlands.

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An overhead shot of film-crew members beside derelict cars on the set of The Last of Us
business arts

ESIO seeks impact instead of returns from rejigged investment fund

The Edmonton Screen Industries Office is seeking permission to use a $4-million fund to build capacity in the creative industries rather than investing in productions with the expectation of financial returns.

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An abstract image evoking the brass, mirrors, and water features of West Edmonton Mall
arts west edmonton mall

Gallery invites artists and visitors to explore the meaning of WEM

THE MALL, an exhibit co-curated by Hannah Quimper-Swiderski and Carolyn Jervis, "explores what continues to inspire artists to make work about the former largest mall in the world." The exhibit opens this week at Mitchell Art Gallery at MacEwan University.

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A scene from Skinamarink, featuring a child sitting in the dark, faintly lit in blue and looking off-screen
arts film

Edmonton-made viral horror film heads to theatres

Film-goers will soon get a chance to see the homegrown horror sensation Skinamarink in theatres, as the low-budget, highly scary movie gets a legitimate release after going viral in pirated form online.

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