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Artistic rendering of a busy urban park filled with trees and shrubs and adjacent to mid-rise buildings
engagement old strathcona

Calls for public engagement: Old Strathcona, Rice Howard Way, Towards 40

Here are opportunities to shape city planning for the Old Strathcona Public Realm Strategy, a proposed entertainment district on Rice Howard Way, and street safety along 40 Street and Hermitage Road.

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A portion of 83 Avenue in Old Strathcona.
city council old strathcona

City recommends removing cars on 83 Avenue near farmers' market

The city is recommending making one block of 83 Avenue between Calgary Trail and Gateway Boulevard car free.

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A bicycle is locked with other bicycles at a bike rack on a street in Edmonton.
active transportation old strathcona

City invests in better bike parking at schools, but reaching it remains tough

The City of Edmonton has set aside $75,000 for schools and other organizations to improve bike parking, but some cyclists suggest challenges remain to feel safe riding to those new spots.

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An Edwardian Classical style building at the corner of an intersection, with a clock tower on top
city council region

Calls for public engagement: downtown, BRT, Old Strathcona public realm

Here are opportunities to help inform city planning for downtown, bus-based mass transit, and the Old Strathcona Public Realm Strategy.

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A collage of three photos depicts three iced coffees overlooking the patio furniture in front of PACT Coffee; a muted-coloured bar inside Marlo; and an Asahi beer can next to a full pint glass on a patio table outside Dorinku Tokyo.]
food business

Indie restaurants fill vacancies in Old Strathcona

Old Strathcona is seeing an influx of new independent restaurants, in part because of a higher-than-normal vacancy rate coming out of the pandemic.

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A host is surrounded by two couches full of three improvisers each on the Rapid Fire Theatre Exchange stage. In the background, a sign that reads "Play the Game!"
arts theatre

Rapid Fire Theatre warms up new home with Bonfire

Now that Rapid Fire Theatre has settled into its new home in Old Strathcona, it's getting ready to welcome audiences to its first festival in the space.

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The Barber Ha shop floor, with three barbers cutting hair in front of mirrors, surrounded by bright white walls and framed posters.
business old strathcona

Barber Ha founder closes shop with sadness but few regrets

When Linda Ha looks back at what led her to decide to close her barbershop, she sees a series of small decisions that resulted in an inevitability. But she stands by the principles that guided her decisions.

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Yvan Chartrand holds a loaf of bread
food business

Bonjour Bakery relocates for the long term in Old Strathcona

Edmonton's Bonjour Bakery has planned for a long future in Old Strathcona with the opening of a purpose-built space on Whyte Avenue.

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A home undergoing a net-zero retrofit, showing the installation of external insulation
city council podcast

Podcast gives plaudits to net-zero audits

Episode 209 of Speaking Municipally was perhaps uncharacteristically positive about some recent civic developments involving climate action and reimagining the Whyte Avenue area.

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