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A cat standing on grass and rubbing up against a concrete slab
city council region

Calls for public engagement: Animal bylaw, Castle Downs Park, St. Albert land use

Here are some opportunities to offer your input on civic initiatives, including Edmonton's animal bylaw, concept plans for Castle Downs Park, and updates to St. Albert's land use bylaw.

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A medium-sized dog on a leash lies on a sidewalk in the sun
city council region

Calls for public engagement: Animal control, district planning, and a museum

Here are some opportunities to offer your input on civic initiatives, including Edmonton's district planning and animal policies, as well as the feasibility of a museum in Strathcona County.

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A light-brown poodle with floofy ankles relaxes beside a water dish, its leash loose on the ground, while an attentive German shepherd looks up at a human lightly holding its leash in a taproom
business city council

Training class promises pleasant public pups

An Edmonton dog daycare and training facility offers behavioural classes to help dogs and their owners prepare for a public realm that is increasingly open to their presence.

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Two women with clipboards stand in a pet store in front of a sign that reads "Share your feedback on the current pet bylaw"
city council pets

Festival not only celebrates cats but also helps them

To mark the return of the Edmonton International Cat Festival, Linda Hoang joined Episode 221 of Speaking Municipally to discuss all things cat-related.

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A sample of dog toys for sale on the Preet website, shaped like an artichoke, a pizza, a lotus flower, a cookie, and a four-leaf mat
business technology

Startup founder shifts from snow removal to pet toys

After exiting from home services company Yardly, Sheldon Zhang has launched Preet, a marketplace to connect independent brands selling pet supplies with retailers looking for unique products.

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A black and white dog running in a snowy field
city council business

Coming up at council: Nov. 21-25, 2022

This is the final week of committee meetings for 2022, after which council will focus solely on the 2023-2026 budget. Key agenda items include the Edmonton Edge Fund, climate adaptation, excessive vehicle noise, and pop-up dog parks.

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Three smiling people sit on a couch. Hillary Sweet holds a spaniel on the left, and Alicia Naundorf holds a tabby ca on the right, with Matthew Nickel is in the middle
business health

Health test for pets makes its way from lab to garage to stores

Kidney-Chek, a non-invasive test for chronic kidney disease in dogs and cats, is available in stores as of this week, marking an important milestone for a company that started in a biomedical engineering lab at the University of Alberta.

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A pair of happy dogs with ears up and tongues out
events arts

Weekend agenda: June 17-19, 2022

This weekend's events include an interactive exhibit from the Indigenous artist-in-residence, a very Canadian music festival, Pride amid art, an inspiring journey to health, a collaborative theatre project, and pups!

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A smiling Bea Bohm-Meyer cuddles with her dog Eddie
business leadership

Business leader's book explores how dogs make us better humans

Bea Bohm-Meyer has combined her success as a business mentor and coach with her "crazy love of dogs" to write a book called How Dogs Make Us Better Humans.

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