SkirtsAfire 2022

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Through the Arts Roundup and our other coverage, we shine a light on the amazing work happening in Edmonton's arts and entertainment sector every week. We're proud to play a small role in empowering artists by supporting this diverse and inclusive theatre and multidisciplinary arts festival.

SkirtsAfire 2022

SkirtsAfire 2022

March 3-13, 2022

SkirtsAfire is Edmonton's only theatre and multidisciplinary arts organization featuring women and non-binary artists. We present powerful and insightful stories to a diverse audience that is hungry to be moved by passionate performances and exhibitions.

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Arts Roundup

Arts Roundup

Published every Thursday

The Arts Roundup provides you with the latest headlines and happenings related to arts and culture in the Edmonton region.

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A newspaper clipping of an ad for the Bijou Theatre, where admission was 10 cents and movies included Foxy Cupid and Professor Optimo
history arts

A moment in history: Sept. 20, 1912

On this day 111 years ago, the Bijou Theatre, Edmonton's first cinema, was advertising its latest showings.

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Two cosplayers — a fae in a long coat with epaulettes and a lady in a knee-length frock and a big, fancy hat — pose with six black-clad conference-goers in front of a portal promoting Nightingale.
arts technology

Gaming studios leverage connections made at GamesCom

A trade mission to Germany helped a big Edmonton video game developer build more hype around its first big release while giving smaller studios more traction on an international stage.

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A large crowd of people is gathered at Churchill Square for Cariwest Festival.
arts festivals

Summer festival safety measures evolve, but not out of fear

Security at summer festivals evolved this year, but not because of a fear of violence, despite a general narrative that the city is less safe.

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Side-by-side portraits of drag queen Pheromone Killz and chef Bri Campbell
food arts

Drag and food collide during Pride at Sashay, Fillet!

An event that pairs chefs with drag performers to raise money for a queer cause is coming to Edmonton for the first time this month.

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A newspaper clipping with the headline "City won't float $71,000 subsidy for river fountain"
history arts

A moment in history: Aug. 16, 1984

On this day in 39 years ago, Edmonton's city council was washing away any hope of a fountain in the North Saskatchewan River.

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A large group of people is seated on chairs inside a white-and-grey space with large windows.
city council arts

Participatory budgeting program funds up to 18 projects

A library showcasing Tamil culture, an art project enlisting kids to decorate trashcans, and a rock art workshop are among the community-based projects a city councillor's office will be funding in Karhiio this year.

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A mirror ball hangs above a room full of party people. In the foreground of the black-and-white, off-kilter scene is a woman with a drink and a man in a ballcap holding a large fan.
arts food

Residents take up residence at Double Dragon

A DJ-and-video collective that began by hosting casual events at an apartment has found its latest home at a new nightclub in Edmonton.

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Six burlesque performers pose in costume in front of the opening to a tent and carnival signs.
arts history

Burlesque Follies explores art form's history at K-Days

A new show based on burlesque's history will premiere at K-Days inside the exhibition's newly installed Cristal Palace Spiegeltent.

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Two young people hold video-game controllers and react to what's on the monitor while others and watch inside an exhibition hall.
technology arts

Game developers chart a new course

Edmonton's gaming scene owes much to trailblazer BioWare, but the next generation of developers is doing things differently.

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Lexi Pendzich seated on the ground holding a skateboard in front of her
arts architecture

Artist's exploration of inclusive skateboarding inspires architects

An Edmonton artist helped an architecture firm explore the idea of "delightful unburdening" by imagining a more inclusive skate park during a recently completed residency.

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A performer on stilts with an inflatable flamingo surrounded by a crowd with City Hall in the background
arts events

StreetFest prioritizes safety for 2023 edition

The Edmonton International Street Performers Festival and The Works Art & Design Festival have teamed up for a second year at Churchill Square, with safety for everyone top of mind.

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Art vendors set up for a sale and show
events history

Weekend agenda: July 7-9, 2023

Opportunities this weekend include a variety of history tours, an avenue full of art, a fundraiser for dog lovers, a celebration of Eid Al Adha, and an election debrief gathering.

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An oil painting in grey tones of a mustachioed musketeer
arts downtown

Harcourt House secures $100K donation but needs more time

Harcourt House is celebrating a $100,000 donation to help it buy its building, but it is asking for three more years to raise the rest of what it needs.

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A four-by-six grid of abstract works, many of them featuring circles, radiating lines, and/or columns of colour
arts technology

Latitude 53 explores intersection of AI and art

At a time when AI is generally seen as negative for artists, Latitude 53 is hosting a virtual exhibit that explores artificial intelligence as a source of inspiration and collaboration.

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A drummer, guitarist, and bassist perform on stage under green lights. In the centre, the guitarist is mid-leap with her legs kicked out in opposite directions.
arts business

Purple City renews focus on downtown Edmonton

Purple City Music Festival will move its outdoor programming to Edmonton's core this year as part of a renewed focus on downtown vibrancy.

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