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A newspaper clipping of an aerial view of downtown with the caption "Heart of Edmonton as envisioned in $107,000,000 civic centre proposal"
history downtown

A moment in history: March 22, 1962

On this day 61 years ago, a New York company was pitching a massive development plan with promises of revitalizing Edmonton's downtown core.

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An infographic illustrating where in the process testing is for the Valley Line Southeast LRT
podcast transit

Valley Line Southeast LRT testing reaches "warm-up" phase

Testing for the Valley Line Southeast LRT has now reached the "warm-up" phase, which means more trains are running along the tracks, TransEd has announced.

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Three members of the Community Outreach Transit Team wearing masks and uniforms in an LRT station
city council transit

On the agenda: Transit safety, community revitalization levies, and the Edmonton Research Park

This week, community and public services committee will meet on March 20, urban planning committee meets on March 21, and executive committee will meet on March 22. Recruitment for various boards and committees continues with a non-regular meeting of community and public services committee on March 24.

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A bike lane is shown on a residential street lined with parked cars, trees and houses.
city council trees

City targets 2030 for two million new trees

The City of Edmonton says it will plant two million new trees by 2030, at a cost of about $114 million.

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Signs encouraging drivers to slow down and communicating the 40 km/h speed limit
city council parking

Podcast provides parking context

Episode 212 of Speaking Municipally looks at the context surrounding neighbourhood renewal work in Ottewell and its impact on parking.

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A view of the outside of The Orange Hub
city council budget

On the agenda: Financial updates, council complaints, and capital projects

This week, a public hearing will take place on March 13, and a city council meeting will take place on March 14 (with a continuation the next day if required). The performance-evaluation committee for the city manager and city auditor will also meet this week, on March 17, after last week's meeting was postponed.

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A chart showing sworn member attrition for EPS from 2014 to 2022
police recruitment

Edmonton Police Service sees jump in departing officers in 2022

Nearly 100 Edmonton Police Service officers either left the force or announced plans to do so last year, a notable increase over previous years.

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A crowd of people in a theatre listens to two people onstage beside a screen reading Pecha Kucha Night 9
events city council

Edmonton's NextGen reaches the end of the road

Edmonton's NextGen is dissolving this spring due to a lack of new blood flowing into the organization, going out with a "farewell tour" that includes one last PechaKucha Night.

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A bronze sculpture of a bison standing on a rock beside another sculpture of a man sitting on a pile of bison hides, surrounded by a shipping container, tanks, and wooden pallets
arts podcast

Podcast covers sequel to public art controversy

Episode 211 of Speaking Municipally updates a public art story that Taproot's civic affairs podcast has been paying attention to since June 2021.

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