Nathan Fung



Nathan is a reporter for Taproot Edmonton. He is working on his master's degree in journalism at Carleton University, and has previously worked for a number of news outlets including Global News's parliamentary bureau and CBC Edmonton.

Born and raised in Edmonton, Nathan is passionate about the city and wants his journalism to help people better understand their communities and the issues that affect them.

Recent work by Nathan

An electric bus in Edmonton Transit Service's fleet, with a decal that reads "battery-electric by Proterra" on the side.
city council business

Edmonton's electric bus supplier files for bankruptcy protection

Proterra, the U.S.-based company that built 60 electric buses for the Edmonton Transit Service, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

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Twenty-one smiling people in exercise gear stand in two rows in front of a wall with the sign Black Tusk
business technology

Building business connections while working up a sweat

Networking may be important for business, but defaulting to drinks after work is not always the best for one's body. That's why some members of Edmonton's startup community are organizing fitness-oriented ways to get people together instead.

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A coyote and a magpie near a stand of trees behind housing
nature wildlife

Coyote researcher seeks volunteers to test birdseed theory

A graduate student at the University of Alberta is looking for volunteers to help her determine whether spilled seeds from bird feeders are attracting coyotes to people's yards, and if so, whether a simple tool could help prevent it.

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Coun. Andrew Knack stands at a podium, his hand raised, as he takes his oath of office
city council election

Changes to election law should be made independently: councillor

Coun. Andrew Knack hopes Premier Danielle Smith's directive to review the law governing local elections will address problems that arose from amendments made in 2020.

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A crowd gathers in an alley behind the China Marble Restaurant in Edmonton's Chinatown as the sun goes down.
food business

Chinatown event succeeds with simplicity, organizers say

Organizers of Chinatown After Dark say its success demonstrates how low-cost community events can be effective in bringing vibrancy to a neighbourhood.

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Three phone screens showing the three tests a police officer uses to check for cognitive impairment
technology business

Punchcard Systems spins off company that helps police test sobriety

An Edmonton-based digital platform developer has spun out a new company to capitalize on an idea to improve the way police test whether drivers are impaired.

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Six smiling people stand against a brick wall; among them are Brennan Walters of Theragraph and Jacqueline Sartor of Pfizer holding an envelope with a cheque in it
health technology

Theragraph gets boost to make patient data easier to analyze

A young Edmonton startup has received a $250,000 grant from Pfizer Canada to test a product that compresses years of patient history into a more digestible visualization.

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Andre Corbould answers questions from a podium in front of the steps inside City Hall
city council racism

Anti-Black Racism Action Plan recommends permanent office

The final version of the Anti-Black Racism Action Plan commissioned by the City of Edmonton last year recommends the creation of a permanent office devoted to meeting the needs of Black people in Edmonton.

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A woman smiles at another person outside of a storefront decorated with balloons, with a sign for Knowsy Fest on the door
health transit

Listening project to gauge sense of well-being at transit centres

An unorthodox research initiative called Auricle is returning to Edmonton this year to learn more about how safe and well people feel in transit centres.

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