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A newspaper clipping with a headline that reads, "Mayfair's in fine shape for Dominion amateur golf tourney
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A moment in history: June 26, 1946

On this day in 1946, the Mayfair Golf and Country Club was preparing to host the Canadian Amateur Golf Tournament.

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Newspaper clipping of a story with the headline "Expert Recommends City Build Five More Bridges"
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A moment in history: April 10, 1950

On this day in 1950, Edmonton was looking at new ways to span the North Saskatchewan River.

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Stairs leading into Edmonton's river valley.
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Explainer: the battle over a proposed national urban park in Edmonton

An Alberta MLA says his private member's bill, now set for debate as the legislature reconvenes for its spring session, could grant both the provincial government and Albertans control over national urban parks, including one proposed in Edmonton's river valley.

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The door to a public washroom inside an LRT station, next to a sign indicating the washroom has access control.
city council public washrooms

Calls for public engagement: Civic boards and public washrooms

Here are opportunities to get involved in civic projects, including the chance to join an advisory body or provide input to shape the city's washroom strategy.

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An audience applauds as four people in front of the room smile, with the Let's Find Out banner behind them
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Urban national park in Edmonton seen as opportunity for reconciliation

The proposed national urban park in Edmonton's river valley needs to be developed with reconciliation in mind, says the Confederacy of Treaty Six First Nations.

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An image of a map from the City of Edmonton archives. Long, skinny lots along the river are visible
history podcast

Podcast explores intersection of river lots and parks

Edmonton's river valley is a cherished nature getaway for many Edmontonians. Canada's largest contiguous area of urban parkland didn't come about by accident, as Episode 65 of Let's Find Out demonstrates.

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Water flows by conifers and a young willow tree in a river valley ravine
city council engagement

Calls for public engagement: River Valley, retrofits, and a Street Lab

Here are some opportunities to offer your input on various civic issues, including River Valley planning, energy retrofits, aquatics programming, and Vision Zero in McKernan.

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A newspaper clipping with the headline "Ski club requests aid to stay alive"
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A moment in history: April 19, 1979

On this day 44 years ago, the Edmonton Ski Club faced an uncertain future. Learn the ups and downs of this river valley institution.

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A newspaper clipping with a photo of two men in fedoras looking over a gate, under the headline "St. Louis Expert Checks Edmonton Zoo"
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A moment in history: July 6, 1950

On this day 72 years ago, the city was sniffing out a location for a new zoo. As part of the search, the city invited a representative from the famous St. Louis Zoo to help advise on locations.

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